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  1. 3-6 is usually the best group size for me, especially if I'm meeting people I don't know as well, because then I feel like there's less pressure on me to keep the conversation going.
  2. I think it's predominantly a Tumblr thing - I very rarely see anyone elsewhere online or irl giving much of a shit whether or not other people are 'cishet'. And it seems to be a bit of a recurring theme on tumblr - they were doing this to bi people and nonbinary people a couple of years ago. They'll get bored eventually and it'll all blow over.
  3. Salut! Grande citron de mer!

    1. sea-lemon


      Bonjour! *waves*

  4. Are you the same sea-lemon that's on AVEN?

    1. sea-lemon


      I am indeed! *waves*

  5. Omg that would be amazing!! I would totally watch that!
  6. I named myself after a ridiculous sea slug that I saw in a museum *hugs* I enjoyed taking part, but I decided that I hated the sound of my singing voice, so that'll probably be the only one I take part in
  7. I haven't been on here in aaaages! Thanks @Untamed Heart Yup I drew it when I was really bored one evening. Hiiiiii @Ace of Amethysts!!!! *waves lots* Definitely not going to hurt you (or anyone!) *offers hugs*
  8. Yay! *waves* and *buzzes* back! Thanks for the welcomes and the ice cream
  9. Hey everyone I'm no good at introductions so have a selection of various food emojis instead: As for identity, I have no clue where I am on the aro or ace spectrum beyond 'hetero-something-ish'. *waves*
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