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  1. This is actually a big problem for me. I actively try and make friends, i mainly get along better with females, and most of them end up suggesting dating. after a while i say sure... but instantly regret it, it doesn't take long at all before they start mentioning how i seem really cold. i do nice things but just cold.... I have a problem with guilt really. I am way happier and more productive when i am single, but sometimes i want companionship.... but due to how i feel. it doesn't go well. so really i would love just a mutual close friendship and that would be enough for me. but most people don't feel the same way, they want romantic relationships, and even if they don't want one with me, being so close to me would stop them from getting into that type of relationship with someone else. I have dated a lot, but definitely prefer how i am as a person when i am single. I don't tie being aromantic with single, but i can see how unless you found the right person who felt the same way (another Aro most likely), being in a relationship is either impossible or very uncomfortable, or just totally undesired.
  2. Hey, Someone linked me this site on facebook. I'm 31, Hetero Male. Aromantic. I was mainly looking for similar people, i love making new friends but have struggled a bit with being Aromantic. So looking for a place with similar people to feel more normal. I love having hobbies and keeping busy, when i don't have any current hobbies i play a lot of computer games. Atm i am trying to learn a few languages and making some jewellery in my free time.
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