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  1. WELP! My mom asked me if I believed in god or not and I dint have an exact answer! Great.... (screaming internally)

    1. omitef


      Yikes. Is your mom anti-atheist/anti-agnostic?

    2. Arocalypse


      I'm so sorry. Was the response bad?

      My family is very religious and I'm agnostic I understand that feeling >.>

  2. Jeez, today was a horrible day between me and my parents... I just want some cake and to ride my bike away from this "home".

  3. My friend is having this argument with a bunch of kids about what color the sun is (it's white) and she believes it's yellow, she just won't listen to me no matter proof I bring her so I'm going to hide here for now until she forgets the topic.....

    1. Zema


      The sun appears yellow in the sky because of the way the atmosphere scatters sunlight. The sun is indeed white. Try and find a photo of the sun taken from above the atmosphere that hasn't been colour corrected.

      Found one for you:


    2. BowlerhatPuff


      @Zemaddog Thank you for the explanation!:)

  4. Probably going to wear pride colors, decorate my bowlerhat to match, and eat till I puke.
  5. Why people instantly assume that you'll be in a romantic relationship as you get older.
  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR! :DLet us all never speak of 2016 again. Agree?

  7. Huzza for hair supply's and figure drawing books! And now I feel bad because everyone got me money for Christmas that I won't spend for years.

  8. Banned for calling someone a heartless monster.
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