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  1. When I was first wondering if I was aromantic the main deciding factor was this one "relationship" was in about 2 years ago (we were never officially a couple). I am very socially awkward and when I look back on that there are a lot of things that make me cringe. Eventually she decided to end it and I was actually kind of relieved (which could be because I didn't really open up to her), certainly a big "learning experience". I was never really attracted to her and I never really felt anything for her, I was mostly just doing what I thought I had to do to be normal. When I think of romance my emotional response is fear, and that was true back then too. It's hard to tell if I would have any interest in it if that weren't the case. Because of my various mental disorders I would not be an easy person to be in a relationship with, and I would probably be super paranoid that they are actually just tolerating my existence. I also think that kissing is gross but that probably has more to do with my asexuality, and I'm kind of touch adverse so I would also most likely hate hugging, hand holding, and cuddling. If I turn out to not be aromantic then it would take a very special kind of person to want to be with me.
  2. Lately I have been fearing that my aversion to romance may just be fear. There is no doubt that I'm afraid of being in a relationship, I just don't know if that's a result of aromanticism, if I'm just mistaking that for aromanticism, or if they are just two unrelated things. I might be missing out and accidentally using aromanticism as an excuse to avoid stuff that terrifies me but is ultimately good for me.
  3. I definitely agree. This whole identity politics thing is going WAAAY too far and it's stealing credibility from real issues. This is not just a gender and sexuality issue, it extends to some people calling everyone a racist and making people with real gender dysphoria and real anxiety disorders be laughed at. I've had many people think that my real diagnosed and rather debilitating anxiety disorder is something I made up to be a special snowflake because of all those assholes who claim to get PTSD from internet comments.
  4. A few years ago I got into something of a relationship with this one girl mostly because I felt obligated to. Even in my wildest dreams we were just friends doing normal friend things.
  5. I'm just generally uncomfortable with my body most of the time, both because of my weight (I'm working on fixing that) and sometimes gender dysphoria (curse you gender fluidity). I'm even uncomfortable taking my shirt off around others despite being male, so needless to say locker room situations have always been very uncomfortable for me.
  6. When two characters in The Walking Dead get into a relationship and while everyone else is like "I totally shipped them OMG this is amazing!" I'm like "Focus on killing the zombies, dammit."
  7. I've got that to, from my mom. She was initially a bit skeptical about my asexuality, but when I said that I'm aromantic too then she flat out refused to believe me.
  8. I have a squish on this one girl on another forum, we've talked a bit and it's looking promising. A year ago I also had a squish on this one guy, and now we are best friends. ^-^
  9. I'm in the same situation with my best friend and his boyfriend (yes, they are gay). I have managed to help them with their relationship a few times, I think it's because I'm entirely logical about relationship stuff while for most people there are a bunch of strong emotions involved or something like that. But yeah, I've launghed at that too because I have no relationship experience and this is my friend's third relationship so you'd think that I am the last person he would ask for relationship advise.
  10. Three years ago my mom kind of pushed me to ask this one girl out that I knew and we went on one date before she decided that she was done with me. The religion I was part of before becoming atheist (Mormonism) teaches that marriage is basicly the key to eternal happiness so in my youth group it was rather shameful to have never dated, having that one date under my belt meant that I was no longer among the ranks of those who had never dated and I was glad to have that out of the way. I used it as evidence that I was making progress in that area even though I was mostly just stalling because I quite enjoy being single. That was before I even knew that I was aromantic and asexual.
  11. I'm mildly autistic so romance didn't really stand out among the many other social things that confuse me, I assumed I was strait but that everyone else was just making a big deal out of nothing. A few months ago I wondered if I might be bisexual because I can appreciate a good looking guy just as much as I can appreciate a good looking girl even though I'm not romantically or sexually attracted to either. Later I came across asexuality and realized that it fit me, I assumed that I was heteroromantic but later I came to the conclusion that I'm aromantic.
  12. The polarization really annoys me, both sides are getting too extreme which is why I don't associate with either and I wish it would stop. My science fiction universe (I call it the MegaWatt universe 'cause that's the name of a major company there) is actually based off of stuff that I came up with when I was really young modified to make more logical sense. It's absurd but believable, which is what I really like about it. In a nutshell two people, Michael Watt and Mason Williams, get together and start a tech company. They end up getting a contract with the military after Mike invents a weapon called the particle cannon and that indirectly leads to the start of a war, Mike re-purposes the particle cannon technology to make Hyperion engines but that just serves to move the war to space and turn it into a colonization conflict. Michael eventually looses his left arm when his space-plane was sabotaged and he gets a cool robotic one to replace it. A lot of people hate him for his part in starting the war but little do they know he blames himself for it too and has to deal with that. The was was first called World War 3 fought between the Western Alliance and the Heiwa Federation, but eventually the war began being called the Great Solar War and the Western Alliance was renamed to the Solar Alliance when they began to control other planets. Neither side is the "good" or "bad" team, they both have their flaws, their redeeming attributes, and their good reasons for hating each other. Over the course of a few decades the conflict moves from easy to reach bodies like Luna, Mars, and near Earth asteroids to harder destinations like the moons of the gas giants, just as things settle down in one place technology makes more places be within reach. Right now I'm working out the details of the first interstellar mission flown by the Starship Endurance, the warp drive technology remains classified for a long time because Michael wants to do everything possible to avoid an interstellar colonization war. Some interesting and rather unique stuff about that universe: wormholes (with many complex limitations) are harnessed for FTL travel and communication before warp drives become possible, there is no classic artificial gravity so spinning wheels must be used instead, and I try to accurately represent orbital mechanics.
  13. Hello. I made an account a while ago and didn't post anything, but now that AVEN is down I guess I might as well introduce myself. I'm Parker but I generally go by Mike, I'm 19, as the title says I'm asexual and aromantic, I also think I may be genderfluid because I do have gender dysphoria on and off but just address me as a guy 'cause I might as well go one way or another so I don't feel dysphoria half of the time and I'm already a guy. I also have mild autism, ADD, and generalized anxiety disorder. Now onto my actual personality, I'm a fairly classic nerd to the point where I'm majoring in computer science, I'm an atheist, politically I am a left leaning centrist, I have been getting into writing lately and I'm enjoying it a lot (I even made my own original science fiction universe), I enjoy debating for sport even if I'm arguing for the side I'm personally against, and I'm incredibly introverted, I am kind of seriously obsessed with space travel. So ya. that's me. Hello!
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