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  1. Fair enough, yes, I sometimes do need to reboot my router... or other things happen... Though for the last 10 years, there hasn't been power outage here... there will be dowtime somehow caused by "home factors" But even so, I also agree more it should just run from a host (co-located/dedicated/virtual) What does it run now on/bandwidth usage? Yeah, uhm, no 300$ can get you some decent options to host from. I have no problem looking after a machine and updates once a while... I've got time enough.. Oh, besides that... AVEN is also discussing helping, how what where when? I don't know yet, but I guess there will be contact somehow.
  2. I've worked in the Domain registration business for 9 years... Worked with Linux/Database(MySQL) environments for 20 years... So I know a fair bit of system administration. Senior programmer in PHP/Java... about 20 years... Currently, Administrator on AVEN. (Uses invision too). BUT... I don't have 300$... All I can offer is running on my local home server... (500mbit up/down, unlimited data) That is... if it fits storage wise... I really don't have the money for extra storage either. I do run other stuff like a minecraft server on this machine... (6 Cores)... So idk what the CPU usage will be either for this forum.
  3. Meow! =^.^= Joining the club here too
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