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  1. I made up a crush one time, because a friend was telling me about her crushes. I hadn't experienced a crush yet at the time, so I made one up.
  2. There's really little point in me explaining my label to anyone outside of selectively online. If anything I just say I have less interest in relationships than most people.
  3. Hello. I am not aro, because I am grey and do feel attraction, just rarely.
  4. I get squishes often. Since I have experienced a crush, I would say that they feel very similar emotionally. The main difference was I wanted a relationship in the crush, where with the squish I just wanted to be a very very close friend. When I have a squish, I often do think about them nearly obsessively, or at least get really excited when they're around.
  5. Well. I am mainly here to learn. I am familiar with aromanticism and identify as grey-romantic. I'm not aro, but do experience the attraction rarely/infrequently.
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