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  1. Truth! It's pretty messed up. I personally feel gross when I haven't shaved, but that doesn't apply to everyone and the fact that it's shoved down the throats of people who aren't cool with it pisses me off.
  2. Thank you for this perfect song! Actually this whole thread is full of nice music w/o overbearing romance. I appreciate it so much.
  3. That's so amazing! Whoever did the reading is either actually magical or really good at interpreting body language. Wow.
  4. Ah... the issue I've had to deal with most is feeling guilty that I can't reciprocate romantic feelings no matter how much I don't want to upset the other person. They might be the nicest person ever, but I'll still end up upsetting them in the end. It sucks. On the other hand, I've almost never experienced jealousy of any kind, which is a good thing I suppose.
  5. Every time I watched a movie that had a really good storyline, I would be super into it... until there was a romance sort of forced in, and I would ask myself "what's the point? it was good enough without it."
  6. Personally I'll never understand the difference between flirting and being kind to someone. Society tells us to be kind to everyone, but when you do it they think it means that you want to be romantically involved?????
  7. Probably... don't get caught up in the details. Sometimes you do have to put effort into every single part of a project or situation, but most of the time you cause stress for yourself by overthinking things. I used have problems with stress when I was younger but now I try to work towards solutions rather than thinking about things I can't fix anyways. The more you try to do this the easier it becomes. Sorry if this seems vague, haha
  8. Aropulsion: when someone is uncomfortable in a romantic situation
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