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  1. I was in a relationship 5 times actually, but all fell out because I didn't love any of them. I would be really excited jumping into the relationship, maybe because to me it was the same as someone considering me their best friend. But, the problem was that usually, a month into any of the relationships, was when they would start professing their full on romantic love. The problem was that I just couldn't match their love intensity. In the end I only saw them all as really good friends. Of course no one understood how I felt, and each one of them would say I was friendzoning them. I mean,
  2. Hypothetically, if I find someone who's asexual and aromantic and I wish to have a companionate (Queerplatonic, but I just don't like using the word queerplatonic) relationship with her/him, how should I go about it? Do any other aros here wish to have a companion or do most rather just be alone?
  3. Ace from Singapore here, happy to hear there's an aro forum now. I hope to make friends here! Interests: art, writing, illustration, filming, theatre acting, directing. Currently studying broadcasting media + I'm a freelance magazine writer! If it helps my mbti is ENTP or something
  4. My usual response is "How on Earth can you love someone so much you drag the government into it and legally bind someone to you??"
  5. For now I guess I would identify as grey-romantic because I did have crushes in the past, but when I did end up in a relationship with a few of them, I immediately lost interest/ could not develop my feelings further. If I had to describe how it's like to me, it feels like my emotions just half ass love. So the crush part is down pretty well, but the part with the romance and showing loving concern is kinda out of the picture
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