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  1. Sometimes I wonder: has all my capacity to love someone romantically gone to my capacity to love sleeping?
    because that would make a lot of sense

  2. The thing is...
    You know when you read in every romance book things you had never comprehended? 
    Well, there are usually a lot of questionable things in the way society sees romance, that's for sure.
    But what I meant was moments like when one character just looks at the other's eyes and is just filled with love. Moments where they say home is their love. Moments where they loose themselves inside the other's eyes. Moments where they can't distinguish between two heartbeats. 
    Yeah, those moments. 
    I though they would never happen, since I don't plan on ever dating, but they happened
    It happened!
    And it was just as magical as the books make it seem. Or maybe, even more magical and special than what they make it seem.
    And contrary to what the world thinks, it happened with a friend. It happened in a platonic relationship and I couldn't imagine it feeling more precious and important than what it felt like. 
    So I guess, what I was trying to say is: All those acts, all those moments, they are not for romance only. Broken hearts aren't only meant for romance. Home is not just the one person you fell in love with. You can get loose inside your best friend's eyes. You can just be exploding to tell them you love them. You can certainly love them the most. You can do everything and anything they portray as romance and romantic acts with someone you are very much not in love with (in the romantic sense, of course). 
    So my question is: 
    Why isn't something as amazing as this a more well-known fact? 

  3. I have no idea what I am but if there's one certainty in this life it is that sleep is better than any romance out there 

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      Absolutely, cheers to that homie (/gen)

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