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  1. How do you guys deal with having a squish on someone who doesn’t care about you in the same you do about them usually squishes don’t work out for me because the person I’m squishing on doesn’t take my platonic interest in them seriously or they have a romantic interest in me and it all has led to a failing relationship or one that just dies out After a long while I kind of developed a squish on a friend of mine and I keep worrying that I’m coming on to strong or that I could potentially ruin their relationship with their boyfriend (especially since I’m sexually attracted to them as well) The best way to describe how I feel is that I feel like I’m intruding on their lives do you guys have any advice to better help me deal with my feelings
  2. It’s actually kinda comforting to know that there are more a spec skaters other than me nice to me you
  3. It’s weird tbh I usually with my friends I want more attention and more priority given to me but that suddenly switches up after they become apart of a romantic relationship it’s kind of jarring in a way having a close relationship with a friend and they suddenly direct most of their energy to somebody in a relationship u don’t really understand the way I usually get around it though is by being in a tight knit friend group though it’s easier said than done to become a part of one and maintain one
  4. I used to be repulsed by acts of romance a lot but eventually I became more tolerant towards it I still am uncomfortable by pda and the idea of a romantic dates but I do like to enjoy romantic media some of the time particularly rom coms and music Rom coms can be fun to kill time because of the cheesy quality and the satisfying happy ending while romantic music can be great because of the raw emotion that comes from it particularly break up songs the pain, ache, and melancholy can be beautiful but other times it can be draining
  5. Thank you that brightened my outlook on things much more and I’ll be sure to look around the forums and ask questions cuz I’m curious about some things also thanks for the ice cream
  6. My name’s Sam I’m 18 and I’m pretty sure I’m aro due to some past experiences and realizations having to do with my childhood and former partners but I’m still having a hard time grappling with it so I saw this forum and thought to join so I could become more comfortable with it even though I’ve never used forums before I like to skate, I like to do diy sometimes, and I like anime nice to meet u
  7. I remember in elementary school there was this one girl I would be extremely close to, I would talk to her about my messed up home life, fantasize about her, and would want her as a girlfriend then when we did become a couple first day I broke up with her because people on the playground said she was my girlfriend In highschool I tried to have four romantic relationships and they all failed after two months because I never felt anything for my significant others except for lust and platonic interest and I only really tried to have romantic relationships because I wanted to be like my peers and I also subconsciously saw it at the time as gateway to happiness but then whenever I tried it felt suffocating and draining i remember being in this one particular relationship where I remember wanting to break up with this girl but I didn’t want to make it seem like I used her so I planned to try to stay with her until I had to go to college but I couldn’t take it anymore and I broke up with her a month later
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