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  1. Banned for posting in the color of lemons. My eyes!
  2. Jar of dirt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRcj6CAhe7s
  3. I'm just going to drop this link here. https://www.aclu.org/feature/donald-trump-one-man-constitutional-crisis My apologies for not speaking much now and in general. All too often there are times when I simply do not have the stamina or the words to properly and seriously convey my thoughts and emotions, especially due to recent events.
  4. Less human than human. Admittedly, an answer stating that this one is at least somewhat inhuman was expected.
  5. It's high noot in the Discord server.
  6. This one is a fellow member of the Short Stack Squad at about 5'2.5"
  7. Hello and welcome! As said in the previous posts above one can partake in serious discussion on a variety of subjects whether it's related to identity or not... or one can let loose with the shenanigans in the off topic and arcade forums. I highly recommend engaging in the tomfoolery of those threads, hehe.
  8. Personally, I find the amount of discussion and information on gender and orientations, and the fact that this collection of information is ever growing, to be quite a boon. It provides an extraordinary opportunity to better understand oneself and others. Well, the more positive discussions at least. A discussion on gender/orientation that is not positive is mentally draining at best.
  9. Nyahey! Welcome aboard! Enjoy your stay~
  10. *crashes back into thread* Hello!
  11. It's most likely that a person would have to stick their hand into the coelacanth's mouth or purposefully agitate it to be injured by the fish.
  12. Coelacanths (SEE-lÉ™-kanth) form an order of lobe-finned fish that are commonly regarded as "living fossils." You can catch them in the Animal Crossing games.
  13. Sneaky, sinister coelacanths seize Sally as she's swimming.
  14. Who's going to clean up all the sad kitten bits? ...and calm me down if I were to witness such a horrifying phenomenon first hand.
  15. *Gently bops thread with a rolled up newspaper.*
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