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  1. something that i think was a very aromantic thing for me to do as a kid (age 10 to 15 ish i think?), was when i would look at my classmates and decide to have a crush on a specific person. this would actually take a bit of effort, funnily enough! for example, if my "crush" said something i found annoying, my "romantic feelings" would weaken quite a bit, and i would have to put real effort into cranking that romantic feelings-meter back up soooo uuhhh......... it turns out romantic attraction does, in fact, not usually work that way lol. most people don't just "pick a person" to be having a crush on for the next couple of months xD also, as a kid my ideal living situation as an adult was to live together in one house/apartment/building/etc. with a group of friends rather than for example a spouse haha
  2. thanks everyone!! ^_^ you're all very sweet
  3. hi everyone! i'm Egg / pancakesnake :) i'm Dutch, and I'm a biology student, and i've identified as aromantic since the summer of 2016! so my 5-year anniversary is coming up soon haha ^_^ i'm glad i finally joined this site!! and i'm looking forward to talking with you all! :D
  4. hi valerie! ^_^ re: choosing labels hmm... honestly? in my opinion just choose whichever label you like best! (easier said than done of course....) i think "not knowing which specific label fits exactly right" is an experience MANY queer folks go through... and sometimes we end up finding the specific label we're looking for, other times we just say "screw it" and go with a less specific label, like queer or arospec etc. for example in my case, i'm also not sure if i experience romantic attraction, and how much, how often, etc. ("demiromantic? grayromantic? aromantic? aahhh") but eventually i just decided to stick with aromantic, because i like how ....no-strings-attached it feels i suppose..? for me, describing myself as aromantic means that i don't have to feel attraction, and that feels very freeing to me, and i feel at home with that label :) i have also heard of people choosing labels based on which pride flag they like better lol on the other hand, specific labels can of course help you to connect with like-minded people and can help you understand your specific experiences better, so maybe you could just try out identifying as both lithromantic and aro? or either of the two? :) you could just use those labels for a little while and see if they fit and feel comfortable and if not, you can always try different labels! i hope this helps a bit! ^_^
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