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  1. I was on prom committee because of my friends my junior year. I took my cousin whose my best friend and we ended up hating it because they changed everything we planned and it started snowing. (My prom was on a boat in early March and a charter bus had to take us to the location). I just went because it was expected of me. My senior year I ditched prom and went to LA for a concert instead and had a great time.
  2. living together with said partner but not signing any legal documents or combining assets incase things don't work out. living our own lives and not spending every single second together or making our lives revolve around just each other.... (I don't like the idea of marriage or tying myself down to one person for the rest of my life)
  3. Hi, I found this forum recently and I think it's helping me understand myself a bit. I would love to talk to others and see how they came to terms and understanding themselves better. 

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      Hey welcome! Ive id as aro for a little over a year now and I would love to chat sometime!

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      just saw this, if ur looking for a more active space, consider our discord!

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