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  1. idk where I heard it, but I've seen white associated with plutonic attraction.
  2. tfw there's an entire genre of books and music dedicated to something you've never experienced...
  3. Just wondering for the purposes of this discussion, does anyone know the origion of the term? What context it was originally introduced in?
  4. Yea, and this is why I like the white ring better - it would look good with an ace ring.
  5. A group of aros are called a quiver. "I'm as straight as an aro" "Sexual/Romantic orientation?" "I'm good at archery." "I'm ayyyysaxual."
  6. Luna always seemed to me to not be interested in anything romance-wise at the same point the other characters did. I dunno why I headcanon her as aro, I kinda just always have. I've been known to be bad at reading romance cues, but I honestly never thought there was anything between her and either of them. Peeta was pretty much forced because of the Games, and honestly I never read Katniss and Gale as anything more than close childhood friends.
  7. Some of these might have been already said, but I don't care. Ling Yao from fmab, Luna Lovegood, Katniss Everdeen, Yukine from Noragami, Legolas, Rey. Also Cinderella is frayromantic and nobody can tell me otherwise.
  8. eh that's true, although I always saw it more symbolic. I dunno.
  9. de papos Actually, may I suggest Artemis? I mean: (1) aro puns (2) she swore strictly against romantic commitments.
  10. haha ok thanks! I was not going to guess that on my own. (This thread is pretty amusing though.)
  11. (Not sure where this goes so if it's in the wrong spot, feel free to move it mods) I'm new here, and was wondering: what's with the papos - where did this symbol come from and what does it mean? thanks
  12. 1: that's the point. 2: Good point, but maybe that's kind of a good thing; then a-identity flags look similiar?? (Other than the green, the ace flag fits in this too then.)
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