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  1. Thanks for the reply, I discovered myself recently, I'm still in the process of accepting,It is still difficult I still have these invasive thoughts that I end up alone for being aromantic, I always try to end this in some way,Your answer helped me, thanks
  2. I'm feeling invalid as an aromantic, not for someone,But on my own, this is really boring, I started to feel that way when I realized this need to have a romance that I still have.I see that aromantic people don't have that desire or that will, I've never had a crush or been in love with someone (I'm almost 15 years old)but I feel this need to want to have a relationship, people always speak, it is always represented, so that made this need and will arise.There was a time when I researched symptoms of being in love, and I was kind of scared with, that at that moment I saw that I didn't want to
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