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  1. As an aromantic i don’t understand why people would want to be in a relationship or getting married? I wouldn’t want to because i don’t feel any attraction and i’m not interested in it either! It all seems so important to most of people and it’s just… Aaaaarrrrggg why?! I know of course that some aromantic people wanna be in a relationship, but i’m just not one of them. I might be aromantic repulsed. But am i the only one who feels this way?
  2. YMBAI •You don’t understand romance, relationship, marriage, love songs or why people want that stuff. •Pretended to plan your future to get married and have kids • Pretended to be romantically attracted towards others and have crushes when you aren’t • When everyone has a huge crush on a celebrity and you’re just like “Duh.. Yeah.. Whatever “ I mean i respect and accept people that want relationships/marriage but i don’t personally understand it and aren’t interested or want it at all. I would rather have close good friends. Clearly i’m apothromantic/quorioromantic😂 Same here
  3. I remember when a coworker wrote to me on messenger that he was dreaming about me, and then i had the thought that he might be in love with me(i don’t know if it was the case). So i blocked him and i’m glad that i did it! I don’t understand how someone can fall in love or dream of me!
  4. Aaaaaaarrrrrrgggg sometimes i have days were i just can’t stand humans at all. But that’s because i’m on my period. 

  5. I’m raised in a religious community as well, but thankfully my parents are accepting of my sexuality. They know that they’re not going to be grandparents and that i’m not going to get married/be in a relationship, but they respect that and they’re happy that i’m happy and that’s what i’m very grateful for.
  6. There was one day in college(the college i went to was for young ones with special needs/handicap so it’s different than the normal college. I have autism) where we had a dating game where we should find a partner and have a small talk(as i can imagine you do if you’re dating? I don’t know). And as aromantic(quorioromantic) as i am, i didn’t wanted to do it, but instead of small talking to any of my classmates i got permission to small talk with my teacher. I’ve never been in a relationship, dated or had my first kiss before so i didn’t knew anything about dating someone or how the dating game works. I mean many of the girls i went to college with had a boyfriend so it could have been a more funnier and interesting learning experience for them. Duh..😑
  7. In danish aromantic is translated to aromantisk and asexual is aseksuel like in swedish.
  8. Hi my everyone here, i’m a new member of the arocalypse forum. I’m so glad to be a part of this group because first of all i’m aromantic/asexual, and i have never been in a relationship, had my first kiss or had dated anyone before, and i’m still a virgin. I have never felt any romantic attraction towards anyone and still don’t do, and relationships and marriage isn’t my thing. I’m romantic averse and repulsed. I first found out i were aromantic at 21 when i saw a video about asexuality, and i thought that asexuality and aromanticism was the same which it isn’t. I was very new into that stuff by that time. If you have any questions you wanna ask me regarding this topic you can always message me. I’m just glad that i could be here and not feeling weird for being aromantic.
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