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  1. Though it isn’t expected to get married and have kids where i live, people talk about relationships a lot and whom celebrities or anyone else they have a crush on. Meehh
  2. Personally as an aromantic i love being single and alone and don’t want any relationship/marriage with anyone. But there’s some aro people who wants to be in a relationship, but don’t feel romantic attraction. It can be a platonic relationship or whatever they wanna call it. And some allo people wants to be single by choice. Not two aromantics are the same and neither is the allo people.
  3. So ever since i was a child when i was sad or scared i’ve always fantasied being comforted by either my favorite characters or my own OC’s. And when i hit puberty i thought it was both weird but also comforting because i thought this would go away when i reached adulthood(and i also thought it was because i was weak), but it didn’t. I’m 23 soon 24 and still when i’m sad, stressed out or in general had a bad day i fantasies about being comforted by my favorite characters or my own OC’s. Is it a sign that i actually need a partner even though i don’t want to be in a relationship? I guess not, but i’m still confused. Do you have any comfort characters?
  4. You know what’s funny? I also have a kink for male’s and female’s stomachs. 🤯🤯❤️❤️ I bet you that i’m a huge freak too!
  5. Same here❤️ Ok it’s not really kinks, but few of my kinks(because i’m not comfortable mentioning all my kinks) are: - Pillow snuggles(i’m turned on by soft things). - Deep voices -Leather/latex - Characters in suit and tie and music
  6. False! I love cakes, but not raspberry cheesecake TPBM I love reading
  7. So as an aro/ace(aegosexual), i have many sexual fantasies and kinks but most of my sexual fantasies are involved with fictional characters. I’m repulsed by the idea of myself having sex with people irl. But i’ve never had any romantic fantasies about my fictional crushes(like getting married or being in a relationship) Here’s a few sexual fantasies i’m comfortable mentioning: • Having sex with strangers • Having sex at a bar, nightclub or public toilets • Laying naked outside my terrace So yeah do you guys have any sexual fantasies/kinks? It’s absolutely ok if you don’t have.
  8. Some of my favorite romantic songs(which is not necessarily romantic) are: “Lay your head on me” by Major Lazer. It is meant to be romantic, but it’s also more about not hiding your inner pain if you have had a bad day. It’s somehow a soothing song that i can imagine with my comfort characters(which i apparently have)if i’ve had a bad day and just wanna cry it out or just forget about reality and get comfortable. “Girls girls girls” by Mötley Crüe 😝 I don’t care if it’s not romantic! It’s still perfect❤️
  9. Something i’ve noticed on youtube every time i click on romantic playlists or vids about relationships..

    Over 90% of the people in the comment section have either never been in relationships, having a crush on fictional characters(like me), have been heartbroken or are aromantic(and asexual). I find it amusing cause it’s such a comfort to know that i’m not the only aro who’s never been in a relationship.

    I guess more of the people on youtube are kids/teens. 

    1. GracefulAce


      I'm no teen (I'm 34) but I haven't been in a relationship either. You're not alone! :) 

  10. As an aro/ace i haven’t been in a nightclub before. I mean even though i somehow have sexual fantasies about making out in a nightclub, i wouldn’t do it in real life. I don’t think it’s autism friendly(in my case), cause there’s too many loud people, drunk weirdos and too much drama. I would actually love to join an EDM festival… If it was a livestream. So i don’t really think it has anything to do with me being aro/ace, it might just be the fear that prevents me from going to nightclubs. But if there were private clubs with few people i would have been interested in trying it out.
  11. As an aromantic(and also asexual), i do drink alcohol. But only in moderation, mostly because i don’t like the thought and idea of getting drunk. I only drink at family gatherings and parties, so i actually rarely drink alcohol. White wine and alcoholic drinks with flavors is my huge favorite 😍 I respect people who don’t drink. You don’t need to drink alcohol to have fun times.
  12. What makes me romance repulsed?: First my story Ever since i was a little girl i’ve never understood the whole meaning behind being in a relationship/married, i’ve never been interested in romantic movies, books or songs. When i was a teenager i’ve never had a crush on anyone cause i didn’t felt any romantic attraction towards boys or girls. Everyone in school talked about their crushes and romantic stuff and i was almost the only one who wasn’t interested in it at all and almost everyone i knew at college had a boyfriend/girlfriend and even had kids. I felt so different because i didn’t felt any romantic or sexual attraction towards anyone(expect for fictional characters). I felt like i was supposed to get married when i reached 20, because i thought that was the norm in my religious family. But when i found out that i was aro/ace i didn’t had to worry about the relationships/marriage stuff and that was very reliving. And my parents respect me for that and being childfree as well. So why am i repulsed by romance? It might sound rude and offensive but i try my best to write it in a politely way. I don’t understand why people would want to be in a relationship or getting married, i don’t understand the whole deal with it? Like yes i respect people for being in a relationship/getting married, i’m happy on their behalf. But i’m repulsed by the thought of being in a relationship/getting married myself and i’m not interested in it and don’t want it at all. I would much rather want close friendship, friendship is so much more valuable to me. I’ve never been in a relationship, dated anyone, had my first kiss and never had sex before so i don’t know anything about how it is to fall in love. And don’t feel any romantic attraction either. And romantic stuff doesn’t appeal to me either like kissing, cuddling, holding hands or anything else romantic. However i don’t mind romantic songs or books, as long as they don’t get married in the end. I don’t watch romantic movies either. Oh my gosh same here, i absolutely hate it.
  13. What i absolutely don’t like in romantic relationships is first of all the whole monogamy concept. Like why being with one person that you after some months or few days don’t feel any attraction, love or have any feelings for anymore? Secondly what i hate too is the kissing, cuddling, holding hands and eating valentines day chocolate together. I mean what’s the deal with being in a relationship/married? That’s why i don’t understand the whole valentines day concept.
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