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  1. can u please give me some discord links for finding qpp servers? because im struggling to find servers like this honestly and im interested in finding a platonic partner
  2. omg i feel the same! i can experience infatuation, so im attracted to a person during a few weeks and then it goes away and it becomes uncomfortable to be in a relationship with that person but i still didnt figure out my identity yet sooo... good luck. tho if u want to talk about it more hmu
  3. Sexually or aesthetically (because i dont understand if thats one type of attraction or another) : i like blonde older women, and also tall women, feminine women and feminine men. I also like ppl with a nice voice
  4. Hi Scarf, thanks for your reply! i can answer pretty easily to these questions, but idk what i can do with these answers honestly I think that i would be upset, but honestly my idea of a perfect marriage is platonic, not romantic or sexual. id love to share my life with a friend, if that makes sense. Oh i dont rly understand looking at someone and instantly wanting to date them, ive wanted to date ppl in the past but these were ppl i rly knew for quite some time in theory, yes absolutely. relationships portrayed in media are very cute. but when i actually try a relationship im just uncomfortable and i feel like me and my partner dont feel the same and i feel like i fall out of my infatuation pretty quick (a matter of days or weeks) Im gonna check the YMBAI thread. and also figuring out my sexual orientation is too exhausting, so rn im just doing researches on my romantic orientation. i feel like im gonna stay unlabelled anyways, because ive been questionning for years and still dont have a satisfying answer
  5. Hi, i thought i gave up on finding a label, but here i am, trying to figure out my sexuality. The thing is im pretty sure im aro spec or ace spec. Idk if a romantic relationship could work with me. My relationship goals have always been a deep connexion with someone, but platonic. But i realize not a lot of ppl want this. idk if i can rly feel love or only infatuation because all my previous romantic relationships were awkward and i felt like i forced myself to be someone i didnt want to be. the thing is, in absolute terms if i have to be in a romantic relationship id be more comfy if the relationship doesnt involve sex. i can feel sexual attraction but only in non romantic context. is there a word for that? tbh i dont even know if its actual attraction or if im just mistaking. everything is confusing. thanks for reading that message anyways. hope yall have a good day
  6. same, i rly miss having a deep emotionnal connection with a friend. rn the closest ppl i got are acquaintances at best :/
  7. Hey there im Thomas, im 19, im a uni student, and i just created an acc here. To be honest i dont know if im on the aro spectrum or where i am on that spectrum. Sexuality and romantic orientation have always been confusing to me. Anyways i hope i can get some answers here, and if i dont i hope that at least i can have fun here. Btw i like digital art and video games.
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