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  1. I'm so sick of the "allo bad, aro good" memes 'cause the basic premise of the 'allo bad' is they enjoy romantic relationships -- even though there there are just as many arospecs who enjoy those things. But when I call them out for simplifying the experience of greyro, demiros ect, people say "calm down, it's just a meme" It is offensive and you're stereotyping arospecs. Just say you hate romance-favourable aros and go 

    1. Karst


      Most social issues can't just be simplified into "x bad, y good", anyway.

    2. Lovebird


      Tell that to r/aromantic where they bitch & moan about allos- every. freaking. day. 

      I'm not here as an aro person in aro safe spaces, to bully allos for existing. I am here to discuss how being greyromantic affects me in an allo world. I want to live in a world where we all live in peace, none of this "I'm better than you" bullshit.

      What bought this on was a cringy virgin vs chad meme. The virgin (allo) was portayed as a stricty monogamous (polyamourous allos didn't exist to OP apparently), deals with breakups (allos apparently haven't had to deal with friendship breakups), no flag (the allosexual flag is a thing, but it's super uncommon & not even other allos use it so i'm giving a pass on OP for this one), always prioritises romance (stereotyping allos as hypersexual/romantic... totally not repackaged homophobia). The chad (aro) was no monogamy (polyamourous aros do exist lol), cool flag (based tho), no breakups (not like aros have had to leave toxic QPRs or anything), understands the 'value of friendship' (aplatonic is a thing~) and of course forgetting greyros & demiros exist episode 4674.

      Someone actually did call OP out for the meme, calling it exclusionary and such. But everyone just kept saying "it's just a meme!"          

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