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  1. I fear pride month bc I feel like I'm not queer enough to celebrate it 

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    2. knees


      lol I totally understand the feeling though. I've only come out to myself recently so I've struggled with identifying with the LGBTQIA+ label since I'm essentially cishet, not to mention how the broader community doesn't fully acknowledge aromantics (and asexuals) quite yet. However, I have met a lot of allies within the community who are open-minded and welcoming, and don't treat me as lesser even if they don't understand everything yet. tl;dr you aren't lesser and don't let other people tell you otherwise

    3. Lovebird


      For me it's more like the general LGBTi+ community leaves me out bc I'm a enby femme romance-favourable greyromantic with a preference for men, like I look cishet to literally everyone else so 

    4. knees


      For me, I believe there's no one right way of "looking" queer. Obviously there is some degree of privilege for people like us who may pass as cishet that we need to acknowledge. At the end of the day, though, that doesn't make us less valid to be queer. From my understanding, everyone can have different experiences, even ones that don't fit into more "traditional" narratives. Just because they're different, doesn't mean any one experience is less valid. To be honest I've only been out to myself for less than a year so my thoughts might not be that well formed, but hey it's always nice to talk about things. :D

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