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  1. As someone who does not speak German, but have a few friends who speak German/Yiddish, I am impressed that I was aware of this conceptually : ))
  2. This is the opposite, but in Hebrew "die" means enough. It's always funny to hear an Israeli yelling at their child in the grocery store "DIE!"
  3. I'm offended that your pfp looks like a two year old drew it
  4. I know this is three years late but cool, I'm also Jewish! Orthodox to be exact. I'm sorry you had those experiences with those people in shuls, not all of us are like that. -I'm just going to correct what you said about the sexual parts of a Jewish relationship.- It is a mitzvah (commandment) for men and men alone to have kids. Obviously, that's sort of impossible without someone's uterus being involved. So when men need to have sex, they must make sure their wives are also enjoying-it shouldn't just be about them. As for god being agender-yes we believe that. God also has "feminine" and "masculine" qualities, so when God is acting in whichever one, we refer to it as She/Him, depending. Jewish is an ethnicity. It means nothing on your religious belief. You can be Jewish and pagan, Jewish and be a Christian... It's a legacy and something you can't change; it's your DNA. (/nm, just wanted to say this point and it kind of connected to what you're saying, I'm not attacking you-you actually agree with what I am saying.) Anywhoooo, the religion would be Judaism, but anyone could **in theory** be Jewish, even if they don't practice that.
  5. Hey everyone! I've been among queer spaces since May of 2020 and I've known I was straightn't since at least 2018, when I was 15. Recently I've been trying to figure out exactly what all my feelings where, and after being on TrevorSpace and Aven, I decided it was high time to join Arocalypse. I'm turning 18 in 2 weeks and I'd love to make some friends.
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