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  1. sounds like you are aromantic, even you are right and you fall in love with someone, it's perfectly ok to change what you identify as! don't feel pressured to be 100% sure of who you are. I actually was only confidant that I was aromantic around a month ago, near when I joined this forum, and I was still questioning my identity before that!
  2. I’m not sure this counts, but there was this boy in my school that keeps on saying I date him as a joke. Everyone kept one asking if it was true, and they kept asking if I would date him. it was really Annoying and uncomfortable for me.
  3. I am unable to experience romantic attraction but I am able to experience other kinds of attractions.
  4. I need help coming out to my sister, is very supportive of the LGBT+ Community, I know she isn’t very familiar of aromaticism. She knows I’m not a fan of romance, but she consumes a lot of romantic media. I’m afraid she might tell me I’m too young to know, or something similar, plus I don’t know how to come out in general. anyone got any advice?
  5. Hi! I hope you have a great time on this forum!
  6. So basically you write one sentence of a story, when one story ends, we’ll make a new one I’ll go first: once there was a princess
  7. Paint that dries so fast it immediately dries after opening it.
  8. If anyone is in queer platonic relationship, tell me what’s it’s like! Does it feel any different from a normal friendship or not? What experiences have you gained being in one? How do people normally react to you when you tell them or does nobody know?
  9. Starting to think that I might be bullusromantic, I definitely like romantic stuff out of romantic context.

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      That's amazing!

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      So you like romance in films and stuff?

    3. squids_are_amazing
  10. hi, my name is ash, i identify as aromantic (for now) though i'm not entirely sure, but i'm certain that i'm on the aromantic spectrum. i found out about aromanticism months ago and i'm trying my best to figure myself out. what made me realise was the fact i could never relate to anything that had to do with crushes or significant others; one time i even faked a crush to fit in. i'm a splatoon fan and i enjoy watching anime, i like to listen to music, my favourite genre is EDM.
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