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  1. im only 22 so i cant even begin to imagine how it feels to question yourself after 15 years of identifying as something, but i can relate a bit in terms of your brain pulling the rug out from under you. not much i can say to help im afraid but i do believe its ok to want to be in love despite being aro/ace. wanting something, and then actually going and doing it are can have completely different feelings/emotions tied to it so i wouldn't make assumptions. i find that, for me, i enjoy myself a lot more when fantasizing about things rather than actually going and doing them. i can create an a
  2. well, people having their assumptions of what it means to be aro is a given. to most, its hard to grasp the idea of not experiencing romantic attraction, so they naturally jump to "well, maybe you just haven't found the right person" or "you just don't have enough life experience to know for sure". to an aro person, these comments can come off as quite rude but i would just keep in mind that your sister probably isnt saying these things to hurt you, she just may be confused and also concerned for you. so my advice would be to provide lots of info and try to educate her on what she might not
  3. yep! gave me Pokémon vibes too lol and thanks for sharing! i can relate to alot as well being afab and thinking i had to be attracted to boys and also how its possible my dysphoria could be a slight factor behind my aromantic/asexual orientation. i also think its really cool you are finding comfort in arospec labels now, its nice to know there is a community of similar people to vibe with!
  4. the matter of my sexuality was never a thought in my mind. i was never really "attracted" to anyone and didn't really care/ think about it. just thought, you're either gay straight or bi (i was like 12) so i assumed I must be bi because i didn't really have a preference. after learning from the internet that there are more than 3 sexuality's when I was 14, i adopted the label "pansexual" because once again, gender was never really a considering factor. not that I was considering in the first place. i was still pretty uninterested with sex and romance/dating, didn't see the appeal and also,
  5. yeah, arousal to me is more of a biological response? like, sometimes it cant be helped, it just happens. where sexual atraction is the active thought of "i would be down to have sex with that person". that's just how i think of it.
  6. im not often romantically or sexually atracted to people, but if i had to be with someone it would be ideal if they knew how to make bomb mac and cheese. not the box stuff im talkin home made! and like, i'll help! i dont expect them to cook for me lol its just my fave food that ive tried to make and failed at so many times its sad so if someone came into my life and also happened to make good mac, i would be happy
  7. i stopped watching ages ago but greys anatomy!! like, i understand that relationships make for good drama but i feel like 2 characters couldn't interact normally without eventually having sex or dating.. it just became repetitive lol yeah, honestly same.. also the movie is called "brother bear" and i feel like the first one did a really good job of portraying that.. didnt need a sequel and ESPECIALLY didnt need a sequel with a love story. at that point it completely disregards the title, which should have been red flag number one lol
  8. something similar happened to me in elementary school! this really nice kid would always go out of his way to say hi to me and was just really friendly and everyone in my family was like "OMG HE HAS A CRUSH ON YOU HOW CUTE!!" and i avoided and was even a little rude to this kid because the whole thing just made me really uncomfortable.. im 22 and still think about how we honestly could have been really good friends :(
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