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  1. a hoodie that changes color when you touch something but when you touch something clear it shows what you're wearing underneath. very sad
  2. im offended that youre offended that theyre offended
  3. lol @squids_are_amazingi think you won
  4. Life is wondering when you'll be able to do what you want before the dream ends.
  5. false TPBM has multiple favorite songs/books
  6. I am currently playing Stardew Valley, I recommend it for anyone looking for a fast "day" in the game and to play a "month" in an hour lol. I like to play Crypt of the Necrodancer and Into the Gungeon lol.
  7. Hey @vvv! Welcome to the community lol! Your post makes so much more sense than mine did lol. tbh i would do all the things in that lol. like, i agree. not a celebration like a wedding but like spending the day together, buying food, being random with each other, and just enjoying that and each other. my bestie and i try so hard to have days like that lol but its hard cuz of covid and i keep getting quarantined lol.
  8. Hello! I am a big fan of dragons and bread so welcome!
  9. would it be a good idea to not wait for my mom to make food and just eat ice cream while she picks up my brother?

    probably not. lets do it.

    1. DivineCyst


      welp, i had all the ice cream so, yep. 

      also got lunch too tho so whatever

  10. I don't believe that it is unnecessary to have celebrations for friendships. people have public recognition for famous TikTok couples and famous people drama all the time. why not for friendships as well??
  11. ohh yea that's going to happen eventually to me too lol. yes, that is a good goal ^^
  12. ohhh ok. I am sorry that is where you are or how that word is used there. I hope the culture there improves when using those words! ^^
  13. Yes I realize that. I believe they know some terms but it is simplest to use the word "gay" between us in passing at school or at lunch. We both know what we mean by the term so it is not insulting to us, but i fully realize it could be insulting to others, and I would not use it near them if they thought it was an insult to them. It doesn't make me uncomfy specifically, but it makes me think about it. I believe that they use the term because it is short and we are usually just passing by in the hallways. Sorry for using it so much.
  14. I totally agree with you about that. Hilariously, the only reason I'm really questioning now, because before I was focused on figuring out where on the aro spectrum i was, is because my friends keep calling me gay lol. i say no but then my best friend hugs me so it contradicts :/ but that's life. now im thinking about it. no offense to anyone.
  15. I had discovered aromanticism through asexuality but i had definitely labeled myself as aro before ace so now im questioning lol.
  16. I think that for me it was the thought of crushes and i made one up in like 4th grade and it was a squish i realized once i found out i was aro... whoopsies haha. what also pointed towards my being aro was when i was in a relationship and we were using nicknames lol and i didn't feel comfortable using them. also when we broke up i felt that i should've been sad or at least broken but all i felt was relief and happiness that we're still friends.
  17. OMGGGG YESS! I love that show! but seriously lol it is the worst description.
  18. that's awesome! Isn't it amazing to say it out loud to yourself? Congratulations!
  19. yea I get that and I think a lot of the community would. Not saying they would but from what I've read, it seems that way. QPRs do seem like they are good for that kinda thing. I found a link to a page full of descriptions of some qprs people were willing to share about. here it is, if you wanted to look at it, I definitely did because I was curious. nobody is alone here lol so yea.
  20. I just realized I was aro a few months ago(I'm a teen) and this really sums up what happened. I just thought I reciprocated the feelings that he had but I just had care for a friend kind of love. And it kinda sucks now because he likes me again and he knows and was supportive but he still does 😐 I don't think you found out too early lol because you helped me (also in middle school) find out I am aro. I don't think that it is ever too early to decide but that no matter what age you are, how you feel comfortable labeling or identifying yourself is what's important. I watched a video about how this 7 yr old girl(born a gendered girl) was allowed to pick their gender and wasn't influenced by anybody. Their family supported them fully as well, they were the ones to leave it up to the child. Of course I watched it a little bit ago(6 months I think) so I can't remember what they were so, sorry 😐. This just goes to show that it's important to your health and state to recognize what you identify as.
  21. Ohh. I see what you mean. Thank you for helping and helping me see what was lying to me constantly.
  22. Ok, I see what you mean now! Thank you so much for helping me and showing me what could everything mean. I'm going to be back in class next week, thankfully and I think that you were right about it being fine friends can be alone and still okay. That friend I was talking about is a lot like me, very stubborn and wise(I'm not but they certainly are, if they choose to care about the matter), but we do butt heads alot and we get over it but we tend to laugh at each other and ourselves and that is usually what fixes it haha 😂. Again, thank you for helping!
  23. DivineCyst

    Advice...? :(

    Well, I will tell you that I am new here but sometimes before I realized I was aroflux, I felt the same way when I was in a relationship and when i had confessed to somebody. I am still in school but I do often get "shipped" with my best friend and that made me really uncomfortable, but we both just talked about it for a minute and now we laugh it off whenever somebody says something. I would say you're aromantic, not sure where on the spectrum(aro spectrum) but I would say. Of course don't take everything I said to heart because, I did say I was new here though haha.. I hope that helped ^^
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