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  1. Am I aromantic? Yes, almost definitely.

    Do I have a Pinterest board filled of mlm couples that make me Feel Some Kind Of Way? Yes absolutely I do 


    (I think it’s mainly gender envy and my bisexuality but idk lol)

    1. Lovebird


      I read so much fanfics of my fave fictional couples lol 

  2. Anyone else getting "[[Template forums/front/forums/topicRowSnippet is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]" whenever they try to open a forum? i'm so confused on what it means and why it's happening, I tried searching it up but computer stuff really isn't my strong suit and that only left me more confused lol.


    (Also welcome back to me, I've had to be offline for the past two weeks or so but I got my laptop back today!! Yay!!!)

    1. Acecream


      Yes, happens to me too

    2. Momo


      Sorry, this one's on me. I pushed some updates out to the site this morning but apparently one of them broke some things a little less obviously than the whole site being down. It should be fixed now.

    3. Gabriel14


      Ah ok, thank you!!!

  3. With me being trans, Cavetown's "This Is Home" had always hit different... but after figuring out my aromantism? Oh holy heck it hurts in the best way.

  4. I think it’s so funny, how I’m always the first of my friends to learn about myself and different communities. I was the first to know I wasn’t straight (6th grade), first to know I wasn’t cis (6th-7th grade), first to question my neurotype (7th-8th grade, I’m probably autistic), and the first to question my romantic orientation after settling in one for a few years (this year, 9th grade). I’m always offering resources to my friends because if they’re going though a similar questioning experience, I want theirs to go as easy and smooth as it can.

    1. Gabriel14


      I just taught one of my friends about SAM (split-attraction model), one of my enby friends now knows that their body dysmorphia was poorly disguised gender dysphoria, my lesbians would still be trying to pass as straight, and one of my friends would be masking constantly and would be unable to chill lol

  5. Me: *becomes pretty confident in my aro identity*

    Everyone else: *suddenly has a crush on me*

  6. Hmm a poly qpr with three specific people be sounding real nice right about now I just don’t know what do do with this information haha

  7. Just figured out I might have visual snow and now I'm researching that instead of going to bed and wow this list of symptoms really be out here calling out my vision huh I feel seen

    (Pun intended)

    1. Gabriel14


      This isn't related to aromanticism (obviously) I just feel really safe here idk it might be the green theme but I feel like I can comfortably share here lol

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