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  1. Hello and Welcome to the family! I sadly can't help you with your question..but I hope you'll enjoy ur stay and figure it out soon!♡
  2. I don't really understand what the quote is saying but I already dislike it because it just says "between a man and a woman" lol. Sure it was 1980 when that person said it, but still.
  3. THIS!! Not exactly fitting for the topic rn but I always was told you can't be jealous in a friendship etc etc. But heck, you absolutely can! That has nothing to do with romantic feelings for the person. Ofc not jealous as in "ME OR THEM" stuff but like "you got less and less time for me and that makes me sad" kind of feeling yk? I also often experienced it when friends got into a relationship and literally forgot about me. That made me a bit jealous cuz their attention was only focused on their new partner. I just missed hanging out with them and was jealous of their partner for being able to spend time with them. Well that were my 2ct to this. Thanks for reading,lol. Have a nice Day!🤗
  4. Welcome to arocalypse! I'm also a triple A battery. Aroace,agender! Plus anxiety so basically 4 but pssshhh!:D
  5. I would literally die for my cats. They're really important to me and cheered me up lots of times.
  6. False. TPBM likes to wake up early.
  7. I really want some pizza rn.
  8. I'm offended that you wish a happy new year cuz i hate this year already and it isn't happy at all.
  9. Kit


  10. Kit

    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted BUT for the rest of your life you can't watch any other anime besides this specific one. I wish I had a garden full of smol little plants.
  11. Hi hi! I'm Kit, 22 years old agender transboy from germany. I've been identifying as asexual for almost 2 years now. Just recently found out about the agender stuff tho! I use agender transboy because even tho I'm agender I like to be seen as boy in public etc. Doesn't change the fact I don't feel like I have a gender at all! I've been questioning my romantic orientation since quite a while. I'm pretty sure I'm on the aro spectrum but no idea where exactly. I'm having a hard time finding out what romantic attraction is and to know if I ever experienced it. I have had some "crushes" but they could've been just platonically or sensual/aesthetic. I've had this butterfly in stomach nervous feeling thing but man,I've got social anxiety and a avoidant personality disorder with borderline personality disorder traits so was is romantic attraction,my anxiety or my personality disorder?lol When I hear people talking about romantic attraction or see it in movies I can't always relate cuz a lot of stuff that's displayed there is just platonic for me. I do think I experience alterous attraction which might be also part of why I thought my crushes were romantic? I'd love it if someone could help me figuring it out. Am I aromantic or not? To make it a short list: • i experienced butterflies in my stomach, nervousness around them but haven't had a desire to go out on dates or something. if all i just wanted to spend time with them but somehow also not. • when I entered a relationship i felt like my freedom was taken away,because I knew my partner had some expectations from me and what's usually common in a romantic relationship but I felt like I couldn't meet this expectations cuz I didn't felt the same way they did • in my 22 years on this earth i think i had 3 situations in which I thought it was a crush • i don't wanna marry,dunt want children and don't want to live together with someone. I enjoy being alone. I could never stand it seeing one person every day,almost 24/7 and when sharing my stuff with them and including them in my plans etc lol ( does that sound harsh??) • i do experience aesthetic and sensual attraction really strong. As well as I experience alterous attraction. This could be the reason why I thought my previous crushes were romantic? • despite all i like being in a committed relationship with someone I think fondly off. If i enter a relationship with them it's probably because I enjoy their company and they don't annoy me. Like i feel safe with them and trust them. I can't think of anything to write down rn so I guess that's it for now! Hope you can help me out a bit!😸
  12. I describe myself as romance-favorable cuz i love cute and fluff stuff haha. A lot of things that are displayed as romance-coded are just platonically for me but I think I can understand why some people make it seen as romantic..i guess? I'm pretty open about a relationship that includes romance-coded stuff and that would be seen as a romantic relationship. It's just important for me that me and my partner know that even though it's a romantic relationship i don't experience romantic attraction so my partner won't have unnecessary expectations.
  13. Good question! Never thought about that before tbh.. I guess my ideal "date" would be something like watching a movie we both enjoy, eating pizza and talking about everything that comes into the mind. Maaaaybe holding hands during the movie but that's not necessary lol
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