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  1. My dad and I were talking about my plans for after university, he mentioned me getting married and was like "or would you rather stay single" in a joking manner. I straight up said I'd rather stay single... He looked concerned and changed then changed the subject. I honestly think he assumes I'll change my mind... either that or that there's smth wrong with me... Idk, I haven't brought it up again and I don't plan on it.
  2. I have 6 parrots and a snake. I have a special connection with all of them and absolutely adore each and every one of them. I always call them my "children". They bring me a lot of comfort and have helped me get through a lot of difficult things. I also love plants and hope to have a sunroom someday so I can fill it with plants. I currently only have a few aloe plants, however, this spring I am hoping to plant a small butterfly garden next to my home.
  3. Oh jeez. I relate to basically all of these posts. šŸ˜‚ Also, YMBAI you didn't date anyone until you were 16/17 and then felt nothing and/or relieved after breaking up with them... (This is my personal experience that made me question my orientation and then discover and identify with the words "aromatic" and "asexual")
  4. Hello! I am a 17yr old aroace. I am here to make friends and learn more about the aro community. I recently discovered the words asexual and aromatic after being confused about my orientation for a long time. I have dated one person and did not like the romantic aspect, whenever they'd hold my hand or kiss me I felt very uncomfortable. I ended this relationship shortly after I realized I did not feel how most people did in romantic/sexual relationships. For a while I was confused and thought something was wrong with me. I am glad to have finally found a community of people like me. I also
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