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  1. Don't mind me, just over here hiding from the definition drama on Aven. 

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    2. Sam Spade

      Sam Spade

      @Lovebird I would if I understood it myself 😅 but basically Aven (the asexuality forum) is changing their definition of asexual to "having little or no attraction"  (so it'll include demisexual and gray-ace, I guess??) and now people are arguing over definitions again, and even talking about making a new forum. 

    3. Lovebird


      Ohh dear, not surprised people would be angry. People exact greys and demis to pick a side all the time. 

    4. 2 Spirit Cherokee Princess

      2 Spirit Cherokee Princess

      Including grays & demis isn't a bad idea.  But it sure is silly for them to say "the word asexual will now mean something different on this website than what it means to the rest of the world."

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