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  1. Looking forward to tomorrow :) This is maybe a silly question but do I need an app to use google meet? Is there a link, or how does it work? This year has meant a lot of video meetings but this app is still new to me x)
  2. I’ve never understood that sport but there are a lot of sports that I don’t understand 😄
  3. Not being a sport person I have no clue about golf but I think I know what you mean! 😁😊
  4. I was recommended to this by Erederyn and I definitely would like to join! ive just recently, couple of weeks back realised that I might be ace and aro. I’ve read about it and recognized myself and now Im taking the next step to learn more through interacting with people so this is perfect for me :) Im in Sweden so I’ll be have to figure out what time it will be over here but I’d it’s 7 pm UK time it should be 6 pm over here. Right? :P Sorry, I’m just so confused about time zones xD Is was January 10th right? It will work perfectly for me. is it through google
  5. I’m 37 and I’m in the process trying to figure things out. I’ve just recently, this month in December read about asexuality and aromanticism in the books “the invisible orientation” by Julie Sondra Decker and “ace” by Angela Chen. If has a been very mind blowing and emotional read. I wanted to learn more because I want to learn more about every lgtbq+ Orientation of course. I’m Christian and work in church (I’m swedish) I don’t work much with lgtbq+ including work at the moment but I really want to, so I need to learn more. And I’m always interested learning about different people on
  6. My name is Elin. I’m a cis-woman, 37 years old from Sweden and I’m here on this site to be able to learn something.... 😊 I feel very humble to be here and I hope I can fit in, and be able to learn about aromanticism so I know if I’d fit into that definition or not. I have friends and family within lgtbq+ but I’ve always considered myself heterosexual, I guess cause society norms are what they are.... thing is, heterosexuality and me - we never had that much of a passionate relationship, in fact nothing has happened in that department. since I’m well over my 30s I’ve been th
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