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  1. I thought I was straight. I didn't really like girls (probably because I was projecting my dysphoria all over them) so I thought "huh, guess I have to be straight!" (And this was also back when I thought I was a girl because "huh, I don't feel like a guy, must be a girl!") I really like the looks of gender-neutral-presenting people, so I just figured I just had a thing for pretty boys.
  2. Hello, I'm Finch! I returned here on a whim after searching for the aro pride flag, and it really seems to have picked up a bunch in activity! I'm a teen living in the USA, I wear big jackets, and I have a sense of humor that mostly consists of dirty jokes (which means I'm reduced to puns on this lovely forum, not that I really mind). I'm seriously into fantasy and biology, and right now I'm taking a Physics class and trying to understand special relativity! Fun times. I'll probably be getting on here mostly to vent about incomprehensible romantic stuff, and maybe do so
  3. I really like this article! I've known for a while now that romantic relationships seemed a bit overrated, but this thing really worded it in a great way. I have a lot of trouble with the fifth bit in just about every single social situation. I just don't understand many social norms or taboos or traditions, and most of the time things need to be spelled out to me. I've never dated, but if nothing can be blunt in romance then I'm going to hightail it away from there. I want to understand my friends, not spend all day trying to decipher whatever the fuck they are even saying! I c
  4. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! (time for that one day of the year my family barbecues!!) If you don't celebrate it, that's fine!
  5. How do you define or describe it?? To me, it's just a big ball of stuff and I am just floating around being not-stuff somewhere else. That's pretty much my only frame of reference.
  6. @Cassiopeia You remind me of parchment and cabbage and I have no idea why?
  7. "You're just being another stupid attention-whore speshul snowflak!! You are horrible!" Sure this may just be on the internet but it always infuriates me. (Honestly Tumblr is one of the few places where I can find people who actually believe aros exist and it's really sad...)
  8. Yippee kai-yay. ...I am so sorry, I HAD to do it!!
  9. @XesEri Yay we're buds now! Pistachio ice cream has a nice taste, my problem with it is that it hurts a lot when it touches my teeth. Tongues are life savers, you know?
  10. Why are people so possessive of their romantic partners anyway? I mean, I see this is every single romance! What's up with that?
  11. And the love story actually has well-developed pacing, in-tune emotional scenes, no insta-love... you know that you should enjoy it and that most people would rate it a smashing success, and you actually do like the movie in some small detached movie critic part of your head, but you can't tear yourself away from the fact that the realm of amazing adventure was shoved away and replaced by this--this filthy garbage plot. All you wanted was for one damned dragon to show up on screen! #LittleAroThings
  12. When rom-coms are more cringe-comedy than anything else and you just want a good old-fashioned fantasy adventure movie to come on. #LittleAroThings
  13. Hi, fellow 3A! Nice meeting you, and tthanks for the food! Didn't know we were rare, but...that's pretty obvious in hindsight. So sushi is agender food? Nice to know! Stay a-okay!
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