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  1. For me, the worst part is that I end up alienating the people that I like a lot. Because, from the moment I discover that they want to have something more than just friendship I end up alienating them and I end up losing their friendship. And sometimes I fell like what I fell is always insufficient, that people always expect and deserve more than I can fell for them.🙁
  2. Yes, I agree with you. I think that only I need to know myself, I wonder what their reaction would be, but I think that wouldn’t matter because I think none of them can change that, I won’t tell anyone, at least for now, until I get to know myself better, maybe.
  3. Hiiii guys, well I recently discovered myself as aro, although I think it is something that has accompanied me my whole life, and perhaps my family has already suspected at some point. I think there will be a day when I will have to tell them, because they always tell me that I have to learn to do such a thing when I get married, about my future husband and uncomfortable things like that. But I think they must have noticed by the way I answer them like: "WHAT, HOW SO ?? HUSBAND??? NEVERRRR URGHHH "hahahahah, I remember when I was a child my mother told me that I could tell her about the bo
  4. I discovered myself as aro not so long ago, this week actually, at 16 years old. In fact, now looking back, I have always been like this but only now can I feel that I don't have to force myself to do things that I never felt comfortable doing, I thought like this: "it is not possible that I don't like anyone" hahahaah I got there pretend I liked a boy from my school, but it was never real. Now now, knowing that there is a denomination for what I feel, I learned my wants and my tastes and I don't need to force myself into anything, because now I know myself. That's really good.😂
  5. Wow niceeee to meet you Rony, good luck in your learning and if you have any questions about portuguese, maybe i can help you :) Thank u ♡
  6. Hiii guys, u can call me of venuxxxx (a nickname), I'm 16 and I from Brazil. Lately I've been thinking about myself, cuz I always felt different about relationships. Sooo I think I can be a aro. Well, I never saw the romantic and even sexual relationship I think (I still have doubts about it) as an important thing, in fact I think it is something that I would live without these things. I feel very uncomfortable with other people's touch, I don't like to hug or kiss them. I never understood the "obsession" that people had for each other, I never felt that. I even pretended that
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