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  1. I like some of romantically-coded activities, but only toward a person who is very close to me. I don’t consider hugs, holding hands or kisses as romantic but if someone would have an intention to place romantic feelings while hugging or kissing me, I wouldn’t like it, I think it’d be uncomfortable to me.
  2. I’m proud of myself. I created a project ’Esmeraldino Queer’. I don’t think I’m the right person to create a torcida organizada of Goiás E.C., so I did the project to promote diversity and support non-heteronormative fans of this football team. It’s better to have a one-person project than nothing.

  3. That’s really great you discoreved your romantic orientation. Congrats! I started to doubt my orientation when I put an aromantic character in story I was writting and when I finished it, I couldn’t stop thinking that I can be aro (and I had a short auto-gatekeeping phase, if I can call it this way). I think it’s interesting to see that there are many, many ways to discover yourself.
  4. Hi! I discovered my aromanticism before asexuality, too.
  5. ’Neutrois’ is created of two French words: one which means ’neutral’ and other for ’three’. It’s literally ’third neutral gender’ and this term was created by H.A. Burnham in 1995.
  6. I’m neutrois. I’m using the term ’nonbinary’ because it’s easier than trying to explain to other person that I’m gender-neutral.
  7. I decided to create gender-neutral forms of adjectives/’names’ of ’torcidas’ of Brazilian football teams. At this moment I made a gender-neutralization of teams who are playing at Série A 2020.

    italic – no changes, the adjective is gender-neutral
    underline – gender-neutralized adjective

    Athletico-PR, Atlético-GO, Atlético-MG: atleticano, atleticana, atleticane
    Bahia, Fluminense, Fortaleza, Grêmio, São Paulo: tricolor
    Botafogo: botafoguense
    Botafogo, Ceará, Santos: alvinegro, alvinegra, alvinegre
    Corinthians: corintiano, corintiana, corintiane; fiel
    Coritiba: coritibano, coritibana, coritibane
    Flamengo: flamenguista
    Flamengo, Sport: rubro-negro, rubro-negra, rubro-negre
    Fortaleza, Sport: leonino, leonina, leonine
    Goiás: esmeraldino, esmeraldina, esmeraldine; alviverde
    Grêmio: gremista
    Internacional: colorado, colorada, colorade
    Palmeiras: palmeirense; palestrino, palestrina, palestrine
    RB Bragantino: bragantino, bragantina, bragantine
    Santos: santista
    São Paulo: são-paulino, são-paulina, são-pauline
    Vasco da Gama: vascaíno, vascaína, vascaíne

  8. Hello! Yep, I also think it’s weird to be aro and like reading ’romantic’ fiction. I’m personally writting this type of fanfiction but recently I’ve started to put more aros as main character. Since always my characters were non-heteronormative. No, because I’m transgender and I even don’t remember their names (they hurt me in the past so that’s better to me to don’t talk to them).
  9. I think you can simply say you find having shorter hair more comfortable or something like that. You don’t need to tell them the real reason of your decision.
  10. I’m not going to tell them. They have problems with accepting me as transgender person, so coming out as aroace wouldn’t be good for me.
  11. Welcome! There are lots of persons who aren’t native of English (I’m not native, too) so don’t worry about mistakes or something like this.
  12. For me it all of it sounds like aromanticism. But the only one person who can say you’re aro is you. Me too! I think the worst thing in the world is when someone asks for some books, movies or series to read/watch and then there’s lots of things with romantic plot. I have never felt romantic attraction to a celebrity but I’m feeling aesthetic and sensual attractions to one soccer player, for me he’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen and the only one thing I literally would do with him is to hug him and joking or talk with him. I don’t see myself doing anything romantic with
  13. Welcome! It’s never late to discover your orientation or gender.
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