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  1. I’m proud of myself. I created a project ’Esmeraldino Queer’. I don’t think I’m the right person to create a torcida organizada of Goiás E.C., so I did the project to promote diversity and support non-heteronormative fans of this football team. It’s better to have a one-person project than nothing.

  2. I decided to create gender-neutral forms of adjectives/’names’ of ’torcidas’ of Brazilian football teams. At this moment I made a gender-neutralization of teams who are playing at Série A 2020.

    italic – no changes, the adjective is gender-neutral
    underline – gender-neutralized adjective

    Athletico-PR, Atlético-GO, Atlético-MG: atleticano, atleticana, atleticane
    Bahia, Fluminense, Fortaleza, Grêmio, São Paulo: tricolor
    Botafogo: botafoguense
    Botafogo, Ceará, Santos: alvinegro, alvinegra, alvinegre
    Corinthians: corintiano, corintiana, corintiane; fiel
    Coritiba: coritibano, coritibana, coritibane
    Flamengo: flamenguista
    Flamengo, Sport: rubro-negro, rubro-negra, rubro-negre
    Fortaleza, Sport: leonino, leonina, leonine
    Goiás: esmeraldino, esmeraldina, esmeraldine; alviverde
    Grêmio: gremista
    Internacional: colorado, colorada, colorade
    Palmeiras: palmeirense; palestrino, palestrina, palestrine
    RB Bragantino: bragantino, bragantina, bragantine
    Santos: santista
    São Paulo: são-paulino, são-paulina, são-pauline
    Vasco da Gama: vascaíno, vascaína, vascaíne

  3. Brazilian society is still erasing Transgender Day of Remembrance. I’ve seen only one post about TDoR and only on page of transgender persons. Celebrating one holiday and erasing other is like: you have two friends and both have birthday on the same day and you’re ignoring bday of one of them. It’s not cool.

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