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  1. I’m not going to tell them. They have problems with accepting me as transgender person, so coming out as aroace wouldn’t be good for me.
  2. Rony


    Welcome! There are lots of persons who aren’t native of English (I’m not native, too) so don’t worry about mistakes or something like this.
  3. For me it all of it sounds like aromanticism. But the only one person who can say you’re aro is you. Me too! I think the worst thing in the world is when someone asks for some books, movies or series to read/watch and then there’s lots of things with romantic plot. I have never felt romantic attraction to a celebrity but I’m feeling aesthetic and sensual attractions to one soccer player, for me he’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen and the only one thing I literally would do with him is to hug him and joking or talk with him. I don’t see myself doing anything romantic with him and for me it’s strange when people say ’I would marry’. I know this feeling very well. I’m like ’hey, that’s great they aren’t posting anything with their partner, it’s their personal thing’ and then I feel very disappointed when they’re starting to do it. I literally don’t understand it and it’s ’a little’ annoying for me. When a coworker said to me ’you’re so romantic’ I literally stopped being ’nice’ in this meaning. I don’t want anybody to think I’m flirting with them.
  4. Welcome! It’s never late to discover your orientation or gender.
  5. I always knew I’m different but I didn’t know why. I discovered being aro this year, a few weeks before my 23th birthday, two or three months after discovering being neutrois (I’ve already known I’m nonbinary but I wasn’t sure which gender term fits me). I was writting a story where the main character, Gabriel, was demisexual gay and he felt sexual attraction to his best friend, Bruno Henrique, and I was thinking what to do and I decided to make Bruno as aromantic gay. And there was a chapter in which Bruno reveals to Gabriel his aromanticism and Gabriel his demisexuality to him. I’m not sure when I finished this story but for a few weeks after it I was like ’what if am I aromantic?’ I needed sometime for it and thinking about my past relationships made me be sure I have never felt romantic attraction to my ex-partners, it was something other. Maybe alterous attraction? I don’t know. It was a strong feeling but not romantic and I feel that all of my gestures toward them were acted.
  6. Obrigade. Tô aberte para fazer amizades então não vejo problema qualquer para conversar um pouco, se você quiser. É importante para se lembrar que usando coisas como Google Tradutor não é vergonhoso. É algo que muitas pessoas fazem mas não todos tem coragem para revelar. Eu pessoalmente tô usando-o durante escrevendo uma história se tenho dúvidas.
  7. Oi! It’s possible! Yeah, a part of aro persons are touch- and romance-aversed. I’m learning Br-Portuguese since 2018 and I know the feeling of using Google Translator, especially while writting a story in this language or reading something, kkkkk. Now I’m having problems with code-switching because my brain ’turns-off’ sometimes (I’m native Polish speaker, English is my second language and Portuguese is third but currently I’m using more Portuguese than English, tbh) and then I’m mixing languages in one sentence.
  8. I understand you! Well, when I said I’m neutrois I heard ’oh, another Tumblr gender’ (this term is older than Tumblr). In my opinion looks like it’s more difficult to explain microlabels in general because there are still people who even doesn’t try to understand. Well, if you want to, we can move to private messages.
  9. In my opinion, all the labels exist to pick the one to feel comfortable with and not to be ’practical’. But each person has their own point of view and I’m not going to argue, it’s obvious.
  10. For me microlabels are very confusing so I prefer to call myself just aroace, kkk.
  11. They’re different things. ’Aego’ means ’without me’ or something like that. Aegoromantic isn’t interested in being in romantic relations and romance-positive aro can be interested in them.
  12. I’m basically romance-neutral, but when someone is very close to me I can turn into romance-favorable and only for this person.
  13. There was a historical moment in Polish translations of the games, because the person who was doing a translation for ’Bugsnax’ decided to keep a nonbinary character (Floofty) as nonbinary. The translator decided to use dukaizm forms for them. Polish is very gendered language and it’s very common that translators are doing ciswashing. There was also a very long discussion about Polish translation of ’She-Ra’ where nonbinarity of Double Trouble was erased. I don’t know if they corrected it or not.
  14. I’m aro and when I was living on my own for a year, I was eating only vegan food and I loved it. I’m sure about being back in veganism if I find a normal job and move to other place.
  15. Rony

    Aro POCs

    One Polish psychologist who published an article about aromanticism (it was also very first article about aromanticism in my language), placed a (stock) photo of two persons: a white woman and a black man (both smiling), I liked the idea. He’s known for being an inclusionst and he’s publishing lots of great educational posts about subjects connected to minorities and opressed groups of people so I think it can’t be seen as ’opportunism’ but ’hey, it’s not just about white persons but it’s about everyone’. (I hope my terrible English is easy to understand)
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