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  1. Rony


    My hobby is Brazilian football and I'm collecting many things like jerseys, scarfs, stickers – but all of it is difficult to find and expensive. Also, it happens I'm going to sleep very late because of watching matches (there's a big difference between time in my country and in Brazil). Here's a pic of some things of my collection. I prefer to hide it under 'spoiler' because I'm sure there are persons who don't like football.
  2. Yasmin Benoit, who is a British Model, is aromantic but it looks like she says mostly about asexuality.
  3. I'm personally fed up with one psychologist who created 'the definition™' of aromanticism saying that 'aromanticism means a person who doesn't want to have a romantic relationship' and doesn't want to correct it to the one made by AUREA. The worst is that people prefer to listen to him instead of me who is aromantic and activitist. It looks like allos in general prefer to listen to themselves instead of us while the topic is about us.
  4. Recently I've discovered being autistic. I don't have an official diagnose yet because it's simply expensive and there's probably no profissional near who has experience with adult neuroatypical persons.
  5. It's not 'chromosomal disorder'. Let's call it 'chromosomal diversity', because calling it 'disorder' is very harmful for intersex people. Being intersex is not a problem, the problem are unnecessary medical interventions when a person was born with atypical genitalia.
  6. For me it's aesthetic attraction. As second I would place sensual and as third – platonic. I have no sexual attraction and I don't know if I experience other types of attraction. In some cases aesthetic and sensual attraction are mixed up or I don't know if the attraction I'm experiencing is sensual or aesthetic.
  7. I was dating about 5 times while I was between 13 and 19 years old and it was very exhausting and I think I could understand you. It's the fault of amatonormativy, literally nobody says about other ways to be happy and whatever, and I think it forces part of aros, who don't know they're aro, to be involved in romantic relationships because we simply don't know there are other paths. I'm talking about 'part' because there are aros who always knew they don't feel the romantic attraction and there are also aros who wish to date (and it's valid). I'm happy you've found yourself. Alloaros are totally valid and welcome!
  8. I've abandoned the 'aroace' label because I find it enough to identify myself as aromantic. I find identifying myself as asexual simply useless – lack of sexual attraction doesn't affect in any way on how I'm seeing various things. And lack of romantic attraction – yep, it does. For example, I don't understand how people are delighting theirselves talking about someone's romance, for me it simply doesn't have any point.

    1. Erederyn


      I feel the same way! 

  9. I'm identifying me just as aromantic. I don't feel the need to use labels connected to other orientations. For the first time I identified me as aromantic and asexual while I was 23 years old. Now, when I'm 24 years old, I decided to abandon the label of asexual because I don't feel the need to use it. I feel me better using so aromantic label.
  10. You can tell to her that you want to buy it to stop picking nails and it'll help you. I don't think she'd search for meaning of wearing a ring on middle finger. In December I've bought an Atlantis ring, I'm wearing it frequently and literally no one asked about it.
  11. I think it's a good topic to talk about. When we're talking about orientation, there are mentioned just two: sexual and romantic (and exactly in this order). But when we're talking about attraction, there are also other ways how persons are attracting or not attracting, for example: platonic, alterous. To be honest, I feel like the other types are simply treated like "worst", "not significant", "they don't deserve to be called like that". I'm identifying myself as aroace demi/grayplatonic and graysensual (without being sure who is attractive to me due to my conditional experience of it), and I'm more about to say: hey, but it's my orientation, not just attraction. And what do you think about it?
  12. I like some of romantically-coded activities, but only toward a person who is very close to me. I don’t consider hugs, holding hands or kisses as romantic but if someone would have an intention to place romantic feelings while hugging or kissing me, I wouldn’t like it, I think it’d be uncomfortable to me.
  13. I’m proud of myself. I created a project ’Esmeraldino Queer’. I don’t think I’m the right person to create a torcida organizada of Goiás E.C., so I did the project to promote diversity and support non-heteronormative fans of this football team. It’s better to have a one-person project than nothing.

  14. That’s really great you discoreved your romantic orientation. Congrats! I started to doubt my orientation when I put an aromantic character in story I was writting and when I finished it, I couldn’t stop thinking that I can be aro (and I had a short auto-gatekeeping phase, if I can call it this way). I think it’s interesting to see that there are many, many ways to discover yourself.
  15. Hi! I discovered my aromanticism before asexuality, too.
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