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  1. @Kojote I thought diamond was for the spectrum (so demi, grey, lith, etc) and clubs was for questioning? Now I'm questioning As for non aces, I dunno. Could one flip them around and use it for aros?
  2. I generally associate an arrow with aromanticism, and the spades card symbol for asexuality - but even having shirts with the flag colours on them is cool for me. :v
  3. I tried to come out to my mom, but eh it didn't really work out. :B I was smack-dab in the middle of my last year of highschool so I'm sure she thought I was just worried that everyone around me was dating and I wasn't (even though only 1 out of my 6 friends has ever dated >>) the fact that I was crying my eyes out probably alerted her that it wasn't a random thought but I don't really think she knew I was coming out. Once I do I'm sure she and my dad will be supportive about my aroaceness, but I just don't wanna deal with all the explenations and conversation that will ensue, it was too emotionally exhausting when I tried it last time so /: I might write a letter or something. But you should have seen the look on her face when she asked if I thought any of the boys at my school were cute, and I said nah and she was like ok but any cute person and I'm like, symmetrical faces and clear eyes and skin are biologically more attractive because they indicate good health :v it was super funny On a good note, I'm out to most of my friends! Woo :0 Sometimes I think they forget or don't really understand what it means to me (literally my friend the other day, when we were talking about storytelling, told me that stories with no romance are boring. lmao who are you talking to??) But usually it's fine :v Wow ok Long Post :> oops I have a lot of feelings ok
  4. My friends and I all showed up to prom as a big clump :U technically we all had dates, so we could end up all at the same tables and so people in different years could still come. The dancing was super lame (the dj just played hip hop songs that all sounded the same?? A few here and there is fine but. Some melody during the night would have been fun. There was exactly one slow dance song.) The best part, though, was that we all rented a room (this took place in a hotel) and after a while we ditched and went there. Contrary to popular belief we did not all get drunk, but we did chow down on junk food until 3 in the morning and watch cartoons (- there were 7 people so I slept on the floor mm comfy -) then did the same when we woke up the next morning. I guess my point is, prom is super stupid and you should make one that fits you, whether that's an afterparty with all your friends and big bowls of chocolate, or having your own party, or just picking a day to hang out with your friends, or even not celebrating it at all. Prom is supposed to be a reward for graduating, a thing to celebrate everyone getting through school and if your school's prom doesn't do that for you don't feel bad about taking things into your own hands and making a celebration that you will enjoy in an atmosphere where you can be yourself.
  5. Banned for talking about a show I don't know
  6. Banned for emoticon shaming >:U
  7. Your day is 48 hours, but this is because the first 24 hours of it repeat. Congratulations you ruined the spacetime continuum I wish donuts were healthy
  8. Well this derailed :0 but, getting back on topic: I'm aroace, and it's actually really hard for me to separate my two orientations - they're just one big blobby identity clump. Like, I find it really hard to talk about aromanticism without some aceness showing and vice versa, whenever I talk about asexuality you can usually tell I'm aro. I've been told it's not very #relatable for allo aros and aces, and I mean I try but usually I'm just like ??
  9. I feel, I guess, completely useless. I graduated highschool with honours with distinction and 3 awards - ok. I got into my top University - so did all the other students there. I'm very musically skilled - fine. I've got lots of great friends and supportive family - so like 70%of the planet? It's like, none of what I do will ever mean anything because everyone that I can love and make happy already has another, better person, so I'm kinda just here. It's like, you know those children's toys you wind up and they hop around? I'm like one of those that's fallen over and its legs are just flailing in the air looking like an idiot.
  10. Shipping people sounds dangerous. How do you make sure they'll get enough air in their box As for shipping in general, well. None of those 'spend $X get $Y off shipping' deals seem to apply to Canada which means I usually end up with ridiculous prices, so unless I'm buying in large quantities I prefer to buy local.
  11. And happy belated Canada day :0
  12. @RedNeko thanks! @Zemaddog yeah, sorry about that :v @Dodecahedron314 CLARINETS UNITE
  13. @RedNeko ?? I'm not seeing it.. am I blind or is it mobile :U
  14. I play piano and clarinet, though I don't have any videos of that :v I mainly do art, though - I paint, draw, sculpt, and do digital. I've recently gotten into painting miniatures, but I haven't yet figured out how to photograph them without them looking godawful. Here's some stuff that went into my portfolio - I know, I need to work on my camera quality. :Y
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