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  1. So after hearing a couple of people's opinions, I think I'm going to "change" my name as a social construct. So with my friends or classmates, I will have them address me as my new name, and then my family can address me as my name assigned at birth, because that's where it feels most comfortable. Thanks for helping me figure it out!
  2. Okay so I recently discovered that I am nonbinary, and I was wondering if I should change my name. If you were wondering, my name is Eva (pronounced Ava) and I'm not really sure if I should change it. I mean I would be okay with keeping it or changing it, but I don't know if it would change people's first impression. Like if the heard my current name, would they assume that I am a girl, or feminine. I dont want people assuming that I'm a female, I would much rather have someone ask my gender, or in my case what to call me. And if you do think I should change my name, do you have any suggestions?
  3. Two days in the gorgeous country and do whatever I want. I can do things at night too, like camping, so it would be worth it. Would you rather stay at home for a week, but have to constantly do work not have time for anything else, or stay at school all day and all night for a week, but be able to do whatever you want.
  4. No, but I really want too. 🥺 TPBM has visited Hollywood
  5. Same. As long as their well written and not rushed, I enjoy them.
  6. Yeah same. I feel like the characters are better developed, and it really gets you connected to them. Although, half of the time I don't really notice that its building up to romance, even if that's what it's about.
  7. When I got to about fifth grade all the "Cool kids" had a bf, so I would randomly choose a guy to have a crush on. I would just go, eenie meenie miny moe, and that's the guy(or girl) that I would have a crush on. Did anyone else feel the need to do this?
  8. I'd rather eat ham covered bananas in syrup, than get married.
  9. I'm learning a new language so true! TPBM has a garden of any kind.
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