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  1. I love the songs We don’t want your body by stars and asexual by asexuals😊
  2. @CharCharChar thank you. So I tend to trick my brain into thinking I like someone but it’s usually just me liking their vibe. This most recently happened with a close friend of mine who is like family and I understand that now what happened was I thought I liked them romantically but then I took some time for myself and realized that’s not at all how I feel. I’ve never felt romantically attracted to anyone before and I also genuinely feel safer when I’m with myself! Thank you this really helps and I think ace and aro fit me like a cheap friendship necklace from Claire’s!😁🥰
  3. @aro-fae I’m not sure what info you would like I’ve never been on a forum like this before so idrk what else to add.
  4. I’m just a little unsure about where I put myself on the spectrum
  5. Hi! My name is Josie and I’m ace but I’m starting to think that I may also be aro! I’ve never been in a relationship before but I’ve never really wanted to be in one either. I’ve had ‘crushes’ in the past but they never felt real or genuine and I think that all those times I was just aesthetically attracted to them. It’s hard for me to explain how I feel especially since I don’t know what I’m feeling. So I think I might be aro but I don’t know how to determine that. If you need any more info just let me know! Anyone want to help a girl out I appreciate it!
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