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  1. My mum said things like that till I was 15, then I think it clicked with her that I wasn't a late bloomer at 18 especially as at that age I found the word asexual. At 20 after my first (and only) boyfriend and finding the word aromantic she went back to saying it would change when I got older, but I think she was just worried I would be lonely cause when I explained to her about queer platonic relationships and squishies and such she seemed to relax again (mostly. She still doesn't really understand, but I don't understand allosexuals either)
  2. Hi, I found this site while looking for information for asexual awareness week. I'm Aroace but more confident in my ace identity because my autism means I'm touch repulsed, while I'm still relatively young at 21 so I may end up being greyromantic. I'm quite open about my sexuality because I feel safe in my community and feel that understanding reduces bad feelings, so I try and do my part to try and make sure that the next person that comes out (not that they have to) feels safer doing so and comes out to an understanding ear. I feel like explaining some of my identity has become a part time job some of the time, because aside from being Aroace I'm autistic and a Quaker both of which come with a fair amount of misinformation. Overall I'm mainly here to hear stories from my fellow Aros and gain more confidence in the other part of my identity.
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