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  1. It seems clear to me that the people making this weren't planning on portraying Jughead as a different kind of asexual at all, they were just writing out his asexuality and aromanticism altogether. I can't imagine why though considering I think the character had nothing to lose from being written asexual and aromantic and a lot to gain.
  2. Well, you need some term for it and nonbinary is the most well known term. I don't think it's meant to be political, just descriptive. It's outside the binary of man and woman. The other definition of binary isn't what's being used here. If someone says they're non-straight that doesn't mean they're automatically opposed to, "straight" it just means it doesn't apply to them. Transmen and transwomen are binary. Transmen are also different from Cismen but they're still men. It's like the earth's hemispheres. You're still in the eastern hemisphere regardless of if you're in the northern or southern hemisphere because those are different dimensions.
  3. Some people argue Rose from Steven Universe may be aromantic because she seems confused by the concept of romance. Edit: I didn't see the allosexual part. Rose is affectionate but her romantic and sexuall orientations are unclear. Considering her species doesn't reproduce sexually it's likely she isn't sexual.
  4. This thread explains so much.
  5. Does that mean there are any risky surgeries where they can get pregnant? (genuine question)
  6. Do we really know it exists for most people? Most people don't have discussions like this so for all we know 30% could just experience "touch hunger" as opposed to limerence.
  7. I don't want to have sex because genitals are weird and produce unpleasant liquids, but I do believe I experience sexual attraction. I find female curves very beautiful. I really like boobs and I think I would enjoy touching them on a partner *blushes* However, this is more of a general thing, I don't often feel attraction to the curves of people I see in real life I just like the idea of them. I find men attractive too, but I'm more likely to be attracted to their face. This may just be aesthetic attraction, it all sort of seems like one in the same anyway. Within the past year I notice I do get slightly physically aroused from watching women "display" their curves, I noticed this while watching a Nicki Minaj music video. I replayed it a few times to be sure and it's definitely real. I'm much more sexually attracted to specific ideas and fetishes I have than I am attracted to other people though, so I don't know what to make of that.
  8. I do have a generally favorable view of Aven and I'm relatively new to this site. Aven is a much larger website, many people have post counts in the thousands(including myself). It's true that you can find people there who will posts things that are sexist, racist, ableist(pretty much every ist you can think of) but for those whose only exposure to Aven is through this thread I think it's a bit unfair to judge the entire website by a few cherry picked bad posts. Of course it is genuinely not for everyone(Also if anyone has issues with any of my posts personally sorry about that, I don't think I have a big issue with that but I don't currently agree with everything I've ever written) Truth be told I genuinely enjoy some of the more intense threads in Aven's Hotbox. When I first joined Aven I thought I was panromantic and greysexual but within a few days I changed to panromantic asexual. I thought I was obviously romantic at the time but after some conversations with romantic people on Aven I came to realize that something was different about my romantic orientation to say the least. I'm new to this website but so far it's been really nice, nice is definitely the best word for it. On Aven it seems like the older members often do kind of identity police the newer ones instead of just letting them figure out their orientation for themselves. I think they want to protect the community from special snowflakism but I wonder if it's really worth all the defensiveness it causes. The identity policing seems much lower here. Yeah, I agree, it's like when people say, "sex, masturbation, etc. is okay, everyone does it" and then the people who actually don't do it get offended because they weren't included in the statement. It wasn't said to try to exclude people it was said because it's a common experience and there's no need to feel ashamed of it(of course when you say *blank* is what makes us human then that is crossing the line) Anyway, that's not quite the topic at hand, but related. I actually do have negative feelings toward a website in general. I was on it for about a month(this was before I was on Aven). The people there were about ten times as aggressive as the people on Aven generally are and they were much more queerphobic whereas on Aven people are generally accepting and most people are gender nonconforming in some way.
  9. When I google "asexual" Aven is near the top result whereas when I google, "aromantic" I don't see this website at all. So I ask has anyone found this site any other way besides finding a link to it on Aven? (also when was it started, I'm fairly sure this is a relatively new website)
  10. I don't really know what my romantic orientation is but at this point I think it's highly likely I'm (at least) greyromantic. The thing about it is that whenever I think about the aromantic title I worry that people(and I know for a fact people do)take it to mean loveless or emotionally cold. I'm not unfeeling in the least, if anything I'm closer to the opposite end of the scale. Asexuals can also be stereotyped as unloving or emotionally cold, but not quite in the same way, and this can also relate to people equating asexuality with aromanticism. Has anyone else experienced this? (I know some people genuinely do experience less powerful emotions than average and there's nothing wrong with that, however, I don't want it to be thought of as synonymous with aromanticism)
  11. When I ask about this on Aven I often find the answers kind of confusing tbh.
  12. I don't think I need romance at this point in my life, that's all I need to know for now. Thanks for all the replies.
  13. Yeah, from the index I linked it seems like my feelings fall much more under the "squish" category than the "crush" category but I'm not certain what this means, if anything.
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