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  1. Stuff like, how can you make the difference between sexual attraction and just the need to cuddle or aesthetic attraction. My biggest logical problem in this is: Am I just sex positive or indifferent(asexual) and would not mind having sex with men(especially queer men, straight men scare me) and non-binary people bc that is another form of human connection that I would enjoy, or am I actually attracted to men and non-binary people? If I am why not women, is it gender dysphoria, internalized misogyny? I mean, women are crazy beautiful, but more in an artistic way, like smth I want to enjoy from afar, while men and non-binary people are beautiful in a way in which I would actually like to have contact with. Women are for me like"OMG my goddess <3" and others like"pls hug me". Maybe I just want platonic human connection, but I had platonic cuddles and they're not the same, or I just like the idea but not the act, but I really don't think so. Or maybe I'm just a little bit too into kink and I would really enjoy that, but again, why not women too? And on one side, I'm scared, I've seen how allo aros are treated by allo aces and other queers and it's scary. I've been dehumanized a whole lot, but I don't know if I can take THAT level of demonization. My identity is a rollercoaster again and I think I'm just scared of being alone and I want to have a frame of reference on how to treat my relationships. Sorry for the ramble, but the bottom line. How did you knew? How did you accepted that?
  2. Basically, I came here directly from AVEN because I'm a little bit conflicted I am aromantic, that's for sure and it will probably not change for a very long while I identified as asexual for a while, but now I believe that I may be sexually attracted to men and non-binary people So, are there some aromantic allosexuals around here that could maybe share their experiences? I think that would help Edit:More people responded to this than I thought and I'm so grateful. You guys really helped me shed a light on my experiences, also on sexual attraction as a concept, as well as just giving me lots to think about in general. As for the misogyny thing(which was kinda weird on my part, but I'm not known for having the most coherent thoughts) I guess that I just had to deal with terfs a little bit too much these days and their words might have gotten to me to some degree. Well, for now at least, my sexual and queerplatonic attractions are kinda mixed, I'm sure that I'm attracted to men and non-binary people and I will try to explore this in the future(hopefully when we're not quarantined), but for now I will completely drop a sexuality label, better not complicate things for now, I'm sure that all of this, along with ways to understand and treat my relationships will come with time. Again, thank you so much for sharing your experiences with me, it helped A LOT
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