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  1. You know, that reminds me of a conversation I saw about how people tend to use labels. This was in reference to sexualities, but I guess it could be applied here as well, which was that people use labels for the convenience of other people to convey availability. Super cool that you prefer not to use specific labels, however like you said, it can be a little inconvenient when "prompted." Or like whenever you partner in some way with someone that doesn't like vague relationships or wants a "defined" relationship so they know what the boundaries are. I kind of disagree here, though? If you referred to a partner as a foveo, wouldn't someone who saw this hold now assumptions about the nature of the relationship simply because it is a new word? Or am I missing something and that's just wishful thinking?
  2. That's a lot of reading that I can't be super bothered to do atm, but from what I understood from a skim, there were some very good points made. Most of aro culture really is curated online and I would agree that more visibility in mainstream and irl spaces would reduce the need for labels. I'm just saying though, in current times where most people I know don't even know what aromanticism is, neo labels are the only way I'm able to find people with similar experiences.
  3. @roboticanary You are right about the practicality of it. After all, its a really new term, I probably wouldn't be bothered to use it unless it became a more widespread term. Its hard enough trying to define aromanticism to other people lol
  4. I saw someone made a new label as an alternative to stuff like "friends with benefits," called "foveo." The person (lolliepops-rox on tumblr) defined it as a term for your partner where your relationship isn't inherently romantic or platonic in nature, but there is a basis of physical/sexual attraction. Seeing this made me REALLY happy because I feel like I would love a fwb, but hate the connotations it carries. Usually when people think of friends with benefits or "fuck buddies," they're either going to end up in a romantic relationship, or fall out because of a unrequited crush. That PLUS the expectation that there will be no actual emotional bond. I don't know. I would just like to be with someone who I trust and who I could Do the Do with, but could also like.....hit up to watch a horror movie with on a weekend when I'm bored and just hang out without a sexual context too. So yeah, what do y'all think?
  5. Damn, I don't even know enough aspec people for this to be smth that I could say is a problem for me personally, but I see so many alloaros that say this is a problem within the ace (ESPECIALLY the alloace) community. That's so annoying, sorry you gotta deal with that op.
  6. I don't often come out enough to people IRL for me to say much on the responses I get from people. For me personally its a range of "oh, okay" to the usual "you'll find the right one someday." I've found not enough people even know enough about aromanticism to hold any kind of malicious opinion about it lol.
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