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  1. I had a very similar experience with I guy I dated. The thing is we broke up before I figured out I was aro. From the sounds of it, you were just tagging along in the relationship. If you didn't feel like the relationship was going to go anywhere you did the right thing. It would not be fair to your ex -girlfriend to drag out a relationship that would never work. I know this sounds cheesy, but being true to yourself is the best thing that you do right now. I'm glad you found a community and label you like. Hope this helps! :)))))
  2. Hi! I have a friend like this and this happened to me when I came out. I think she just didn't understand so I used an analogy that I thought was accurate enough. (I don't know if every here will agree with this but it showed how I think about aromanticism.) Imagine you are in ballet and everyone is dancing. Everyone is performing the moves flawlessly while you are there so confused about what you missed. Maybe you didn't go to the rehearsals because you didn't know about them (aro), maybe you only know a few of the dance moves once in a while (grey aro), or maybe you only remember the moves when you see someone you know doing them (demi aro). (There are many more examples but I didn't write them all in) The point is you aren't going to magically remember all the dance moves and perform the dance flawlessly. The thing about this ballet is that you don't have an audience. If you don't know all the dance moves, it's ok. No one is going to judge you or shout at you. So yeah, that's basically what I told my friend and I think she understood better. Idk if this analogy will work for your friend but I hope it helps! :))
  3. I guess I didn't "lose" much breaking-up. Our relationship wasn't serious and we still talk. Thanks for helping me figure things out!
  4. Hi guys! I'm new here and just found out that I might be grey-romantic. Recently I broke up with the guy I was "dating" for two years. It wasn't serious dating we sort of just hung out and held hands. When we broke up, I wasn't upset. I didn't cry at all and I got over it in like a day. We decided to stay friends and ended the relationship on good terms. When my friends have broken up with their partners, they were upset for weeks. Was I supposed to be super sad about it? I was wondering if this is normal for aromantics who have dated?
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