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    Salem, OR, Turtle Island
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About Me

The Tsimshian ancestors are known for trading & inventing the "Chilkat" art style copied by all other northwest tribes.s-l1000.jpg

Tlingit are the dominant tribe in southeast Alaska, & strong enough to drive out the Russians.tlingit_clan_house.jpg

My Cherokee ancestors originally came from the Ohio river valley.05f858633de171f97ab98b4d333731c1.jpg

Born in Ketchikan, Alaska.  ketchikan-ak-dana-and-david-artwork-canv

Raised in the Kenai National Moose Range, now Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.Kenai-National-Wildlife-Refuge.jpg

Lived in Aumsville, Oregon for a while.  aumsvilleCityhallOld.jpg

I'm in Salem now, a city with no skyscrapers.peter-courtney-minto-island-bridge-salem

My wallpaper image is an Aro/Ace/Nonbinary character who only wants to be known as Anonymous or Someone from the comic Shimanami Tasogare AKA Our Dreams at Dusk.  https://dynasty-scans.com/series/shimanami_tasogare

Like Greta Thunberg, being autistic doesn't bother me.

Although I don't want romance in real life, I do enjoy romantic stories.  Have you ever seen Prelude to a Kiss?

My interests include cycling, powwows, reading, music, movies, & games.

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