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  1. I can't tell what you actually want help with.
  2. I grew up in the Alaska wilderness. We were far from people but some animals would eat out of my hand, & my best friend was a wolf. Since then I've lived in towns & now a city; I've taken care of dogs, cats, rabbits, goldfish, parakeets, cockatiels, & chickens. I also remember the forget-me-nots & sitka spruces in Alaska & have had various houseplants, particularly aloes. Which non-humans have been important to you?
  3. What is the Hide switch for?  At the bottom of posts I make--next to the Submit Status button--is a switch that says Hide.  Why make a post then not let anyone see it?

    1. Momo


      It's not very useful there, but you can also hide posts after you create them by using the drop down options menu as a psuedo-delete option. We don't let people delete posts for moderation reasons but we do let people hide their own posts so that other regular users can't see it anymore if that's something they want to do.

  4. My bff is straight but she says the bond she has with me is something special. She also said that this song is a good description of our friendship:
  5. Welcome. On AVEN you're offered cake, but here it's ice cream.🍦 You may notice a mascot called Papo.
  6. tumblr_pc1p94Uzti1tfmzobo1_500.pngI don't like the love story in Final Fantasy 8.  Squall Leonhart is my favorite main character in a FF game, and that's part of the problem.  He means a lot to me because he has the same type of high-functioning autism I do & I identify with him a lot.  It's hard for me to imagine him loving anyone, though I could suspend my disbelief if the romance was well written.  The problem is that he's paired with Rinoa Heartilly, 2 characters who have nothing in common other than opposing an oppressive regime.  Their way of being is so different that they just seem to irritate each other constantly until Rinoa falls into a coma & Squall goes to ridiculous lengths to save her.  (You're really gonna carry her unconscious body on foot across a whole continent?)  The SquareSoft company has done much better in other games.  

  7. The number of times people have "liked" your comments?
  8. You have to go to your Edit profile page & click the Enable status updates in the upper left. "What's on your mind?" is on the forum page under RECENT STATUS UPDATES. You can also go to your profile page where under Activity it says "Write a public message on your own feed..."
  9. I get aro=arrow, but that flowery bow makes me think of Cupid.💘
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