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  1. Time marches on, & it's a little surprising that:  4rrhq3.jpg

  2. Arocalypse is mentioned in this video.  It's set it to start just before, but I recommend the whole thing.  



    1. Momo


      Oh, I saw this the other day. Though I'm not sure I'd call this a mention. It's on screen as the first search result though so heck yeah.

    2. 2 Spirit Cherokee Princess

      2 Spirit Cherokee Princess

      Yeah, it's a shame he was concentrating only on the Reddit entry.

    3. Momo


      Considering he's a redditor by profession I guess it's not really too surprising.

  3. What a relief.  Does the site look a little different, or am I imaging that?  I'm pretty new to the online world, so I don't know how to be a moderator & couldn't help.

    1. Magni


      The site does look different; I'm pretty sure that the bolded titles of the subforums used to be green instead of black.

  4. How to engineer your own loss in an election:  4ozo3c.jpg

  5. I found this word "apocalypsing" describing how some alloromantics go off the deep end.🤡  Funny that it's so close to the name of this website.:arocapapo:  https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Apocalypsing

  6. The Thanksgiving story has Native People eating turkey.  I have never & will never do that; my ancestors said that it will make you weak & sick if you do.  b7716af83bb008867da3f7a9f24c5c0b.png

  7. Kamala Harris is not the 1st minority Vice-President.  Charles Curtis of the Kaw (Kansas) tribe was Herbert Hoover's running mate.  He served from 1929-1933.  charles-curtis.png

  8. Trump's re-election isn't going the way he expected:Nopapo:4l9zxr.jpg

    1. MindBeam


      Everyone's in tears now! Some for joy, and some - unaccountably - for sorrow. 

  9. Congratulations to the Admins for getting rid of that bot.:robopapo:  If you missed it, on late Sunday/early Monday a new account called WillieNJ started posting in every forum trying to convince us all to buy shoes, particularly Nike Jordans.👟  Do these things ever work?💸  Even for someone new to the internet like me, they're pretty obvious🚩.

  10. What is the Hide switch for?  At the bottom of posts I make--next to the Submit Status button--is a switch that says Hide.  Why make a post then not let anyone see it?

    1. Momo


      It's not very useful there, but you can also hide posts after you create them by using the drop down options menu as a psuedo-delete option. We don't let people delete posts for moderation reasons but we do let people hide their own posts so that other regular users can't see it anymore if that's something they want to do.

  11. tumblr_pc1p94Uzti1tfmzobo1_500.pngI don't like the love story in Final Fantasy 8.  Squall Leonhart is my favorite main character in a FF game, and that's part of the problem.  He means a lot to me because he has the same type of high-functioning autism I do & I identify with him a lot.  It's hard for me to imagine him loving anyone, though I could suspend my disbelief if the romance was well written.  The problem is that he's paired with Rinoa Heartilly, 2 characters who have nothing in common other than opposing an oppressive regime.  Their way of being is so different that they just seem to irritate each other constantly until Rinoa falls into a coma & Squall goes to ridiculous lengths to save her.  (You're really gonna carry her unconscious body on foot across a whole continent?)  The SquareSoft company has done much better in other games.  

  12. I accidently added a background, but this site just won't let me add a profile picture.

    1. Neon Green Packing Peanut

      Neon Green Packing Peanut

      Hi! I had the same problem at first. It seems that the only file type that works for profile photos is .png

      It also may be tied to post count, I'm not sure.

    2. 2 Spirit Cherokee Princess

      2 Spirit Cherokee Princess

      Thanks.  To be honest I don't even know what the difference between jpg, png or all the others.  I just know I had a lot more choices on other sites.  And for some reason it says it accepts many different file types.

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