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  1. I'm demiromantic and I want a relationship in the future even though I've never felt really strong romantic feelings for anyone
  2. I'm vegan, but I was raised vegetarian so it wasn't a big leap. Animals suffer so much from the dairy industry as well, and I had trouble staying vegetarian and turning a blind eye to that. I was already eating almost entirely vegan before I switched, so it's never really been a big deal to me!
  3. I think what people get confused on with being allo-aro, is that is doesn't mean that we want meaningless sex, it means that we can look at someone and feel sexually attracted to their body. The definition of asexuality is not not wanting sex, it's not feeling sexual attraction. I know for me, as an allo-arospec person, I don't desire sex without a close relationship, so if I never form one, I don't really need sex. But that's just me. It's also totally okay to just want sex without a relationship! The idea that having sex with out love makes you dirty, or a slut, is harmful to so many people. The LGBTQIAP+ community is supposed to be an open place for all people who don't fit in with the "norms" of sexuality and gender. If we gatekeep, we don't just hurt the people we're keeping out, but we hurt the community, because the LGBTQ+ community is only strong if it's inclusive.
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