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  1. I relate to that so much. Also, reading this thread made me realize that all my stories have a strong female lead with no wish for romance. I have a character whose aroace and about 20 who just are never attracted to anyone throughout the story.
  2. Tama

    Corrupt a Wish

    They do, but they get all the credit and you are shamed for not doing it yourself. I wish that I can read, write, speak, and understand all the languages in the world, and people will understand me back.
  3. By new I mean I literally started identifying as Aro three days ago lol. So hi. I'm Tama. I thought I just didn't meet anyone who I would have a crush on (does that make sense?). And then I started considering if I actually don't feel romantic emotions. Stumbled upon asexuality and thought that also included aromanticism for a while, and then found Aromanticism. I was in denial for a few months, but then everything clicked. Anything I should know about the community? Pretend that I don't know anything except that aromantic people don't feel romantic emotions.
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