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  1. On 8/14/2020 at 11:53 PM, nisse said:

    a tiny gremlin in my head doesn't believe in romantic attraction. like at all. a slightly more sensible gremlin, but still a gremlin, thinks a lot of the more dramatic points of romantic love is vastly exaggerated, and people half fake, half believe it because it's so entrenched in culture. i try not to say this out loud in allo spaces because it's a little too close to invalidation for my tastes - i don't know people's inner lives anymore than they know mine. but there's still a gremlin there and honestly i kinda wish i could have philosophical convos about this with my allo friends, without them potentially becoming upset and defensive (and like, i wouldn't blame them for it if they did)

    Same! I've expressed it to close friends before, when they have crushes on people an my mind is blown a little bit. Until I'm totally confronted with romantic attraction, I forget it's a real thing that people feel, not just a nice storyline.

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  2. I've been aware of AUREA for a few months, but only just became aware of this forum. I currently identify as aroace.

    I found out about aromanticism firstly through a YouTube series the ABCs of LGBT by Ash Hardell. I was about 15 at the time and had never had a crush, but decided that I needed to be a bit older before I could know for certain. A few years later I start questioning my sexuality again and remember those videos. I got further involved with the asexual community, by following some ace YouTubers and on AVEN. The asexual label fit pretty well for me and I used it internally fairly quickly, but had a lot more trouble trying to figure out my romantic orientation, because I could see myself in traditional romantic situations whereas I couldn't with sexual ones.

    It's probably within the past year that I accepted the label of aromantic for myself, going to university where I've been involved in way more conversations about crushes and relationships was very helpful.

    I am now the ace/aro rep for my university LGBTQ society which has been interesting in current circumstances, but has connected me with so many people I can relate to. 

    Thanks if you've read this whole thing, I'm excited to be here

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