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  1. We should have more to eat than cake, though.
  2. tempesta

    Acronym game

    After Lying Low, I Think Even Raccoons Advocate To Individually Open Norway. RASPBERRY
  3. tempesta

    Corrupt a Wish

    Lo and behold, the library miraculously pops back into existence! It's still on fire though, and by the time the fire is put out, the whole collection is lost. I wish humans could talk with dolphins.
  4. It's officially a party!
  5. tempesta

    Acronym game

    An X-ray Often Leaves Overzealous Things Lively. MACARON
  6. tempesta

    Corrupt a Wish

    Not only does your back no longer ache, but you lose all feeling. Then one day you get a blister but you don't know it cause you can't feel it. It gets infected and you die of blood poisoning. I wish someone finished a project at work for me, and doing a good job.
  7. The cake from yesterday has been digested.
  8. tempesta

    would you rather

    Too big pants. I can make too big fit, but not too small. Would you rather never need sleep at all, or sleep for 18 hours a day?
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