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  1. There's a new tv show with aroace representation! It's in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment and unfortunately nobody watches the show and it gets cancelled, forever ending any future aroace representation. But hey, for a short while there was more representation! I wish covid-19 disappeared.
  2. Amsterdam - come now, when only half the amount of horrible tourists are around!
  3. A good friend of mine bought a house last year with her boyfriend, they completely renovated it (always stressful) and moved in together for the first time. Now they're arguing all the time because they're very low on energy after the whole process and their irritation threshold is nonexistant. They have very different communcation styles (she's a talker, he invented the word introvert) and can't seem to find or understand each other at all. Everytime I hear about the latest thing that went wrong all I think is how glad I am to not be in a relationship. "But we still love each other" how???? If you're pissed off at one another at least once every day, how do you live like that? I just don't get it...
  4. You select the words you want hidden, and click on the eye in the menu above your reply (between the " and the smiley face, it says Spoiler when you hover your mouse over it).
  5. American government organization brings in experts to watch sitcoms. Old woman is trying to figure out what's going on in her town. A member of the European royalty dances in a club in Asia. People shoot at him. Senior citizen shows off his new arm all over the world while trying to convince his best friend's buddy to pick up a frisbee.
  6. tempesta

    The Future

    For me the important thing is to keep my life fresh. I have a fulfilling job and a few close friends and family members. And every now and then I experiment with new things to do in my spare time. For instance, I've recently started inline skating, and I've begun volunteering as a language coach for non-native speakers of Dutch who are learning the language and want some informal conversation practice. The downside of almost everyone speaking at least a moderate level of English in the Netherlands is that we immediately switch to English when we hear people struggling with Dutch, which is not helping them to become better. I'm also starting a Spanish course in the fall. I travel a couple of times a year all over the world. So basically everytime I feel I'm becoming stagnant, I do something new.
  7. It would depend on the social norms in your fictional world. Is this offer normal, i.e. neither MC or the princesses are too young? Is everyone cool with arranged marriages, or is it a royal thing? Is being aro a well-known orientation (I'm assuming same-sex marriages are fine)? Would MC's refusal be considered rude or an enormous insult (with far-reaching consequences) or maybe out-of-character for a magician? Or would a refusal be met with a shrug and a "well, it was only out of politeness" kind of attitude?
  8. You're now the star in a horror movie, where monsters and murderers lurk behind every corner and in every shadow. You'll never feel alone again, that's for sure. I wish I could fall asleep whenever I want to.
  9. There wouldn't be a dress, that's for sure. I'm wearing pants 😂.
  10. Most friendships will probably be casual, but that's not to say all your friendships will be. As with any kind of relationship, it takes time, effort and a willing partner to go from a casual friendship to a deep one. I was where you are now, sol, when I was in my early thirties. Looking for deep connections, and I thought those could only be found in a romantic partner (it's also why it took me ages to realize I'm aro...) And then I met two wonderful friends, we hit it off in no time and the friendship deepened over time. We had the same intentions of wanting a strong connection and one of them was also missing friends in her life. Took me a while to notice that that hole I always felt and thought only a romantic partner could fill was taken up by those two friends. We've become family. Will we always be friends? Again, as with all relationships there aren't guarantees. But the intent is there. We're not letting each other go.
  11. My preference changes according to my needs at that moment, so I clicked option three.
  12. Nobody mentioned Happy by Pharrell Williams yet!? Sing by Pentatonix is another of my favorite happy songs. There's a teeny tiny mention of romantic partners, but only in the sense of loved ones in general, whether they are family, friends or romantic partners.
  13. Doubling as an incredibly ace moment: it was only a few years ago when I came to know that "Netflix and chill" does not in fact mean hanging out on the couch and watching Netflix.
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