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  1. Me: I don't understand why they are willing to let the world end for their SO

    Also me: If needed, I will become a serial killer for my closest friends


    I thought that was funny. On the other hand, allos in books tend to do it at the expense of their friends, family, and all other relationships, so maybe it's less hypocritical than I thought.

    1. ApeironStella


      It's tricky bc same.

      I would be willing to kill/help hide the corpse for someone I care about if I thought it was some self defense thing/a fridge case where the murder happened bc someone was hurting them etc

      But not at the cost of other people who matters to me and people who did literally nothing wrong and not even tied to the events, so it really is not getting how 'romantic feelings' somehow grants someone the worth above everyone else in my life and a fuck ton of other people and beings who wouldn't deserve such horrible ends, so it really comes down to amatonormativism I think?

  2. So the Spotify wrapped is out, and of my top 100 songs, only 5 depicted romance in a positive light... I didn't even realize I was aro until the end of August.

  3. Is anybody else still somehow shocked by amatonormativity? Like, today, I found out that apparently the bee and the lady in the Bee Movie were dating. Did no one question that when they made it? Was everyone somehow like "human x bee = true love"? How? Are they okay? Hundreds of people probably worked on that, and you're telling me no one raised objections? Or was it a, "well, there has to be love somewhere" thing?

    I had enough problems with that movie before, and now they throw this at me.

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    2. senACEay_11


      Wait, they were supposed to be dating?? 

      I did not pick up on that, but then again, a lot of this kind of stuff flies over my head, so that isn't saying much lol.

    3. Skylord


      I thought they were just good friends.... Guess you learn something new every day!

    4. Neon Green Packing Peanut

      Neon Green Packing Peanut

      Yeah, I did not catch it when watching the movie, but I found a list of problems with the movie (I just despise the movie. I don't have a good reason though), and that was one of them.

  4. I changed my profile picture, but decided I didn't like it. It has now returned to its former glory

  5. Me: has internalized aro/acephobia

    Me: reads to escape from my problems(as per usual)

    Book: forced romance plotlines, unnecessay sex scenes

    Next book: forced romance plotline, unnecessay sex scene, "[romantic] love makes us human" 

    Next book: forced romance, unnecessay sex scene, consistantly repeats the idea that the only humans who can't feel love are psychopaths, has line that sex=love

    People need to come up with better plots so they don't have to rely on that crap to keep most people interested. On the plus side, I have a pretty clear view of where those thoughts come from.

  6. I don't know why people say aromantic and/or asexual people are like plants. I am a fungus. I get energy when romantic relationships die. Also, fungi can reproduce sexually and asexually so there's that too.

    1. Queasy_Attention
    2. Neon Green Packing Peanut

      Neon Green Packing Peanut

      Ok, but seriously, my sister pointed out that The Umbrella Academy killed off all of its relationships, and I started doing a little happy dance.

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