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  1. So I think I've said everything I wanted, really everything. If you wanna continue arguing, just reread all my previous comments (because I see that some people don't do this). The only proper criticism I received (not in easy way) was from nonmercy and I answered all the questions. Guys, who came recently, you are really late. Yes, I know you think your opinion is really important but you just say the same thing as other users. Have a nice day and move on.
  2. It' s a secret, you have you to do it yourself Look at key words. Well, I said my opinion, people continue to write, I answer to some people. I've never had such a big company, so why don't talk a bit. I just don't like saying the same things again and again.
  3. Well, it's your opinion and I have mine. The thing is, again, to explain something to user who never heard about aromanticism and these definitions. Also QPR is really vague, so there's no true definitions. You can Google it and some sources clearly state that it's more than friendship. I just showed why some people think of it as a friendship and some not. This was the main message. Again, guys, you exaggerate, most of users won't even notice it or change their mind. It doesn't work that way. To bring the real message we have to make another infographic where aromanticism will be
  4. You could find link to a better version and my explanation why didn't I include family in my post and comments. Again aromanticism isn't the main topic in the guide. The scale is just a tool, not a message itself. People on reddit liked it, I met only one comment about scale, I explained and they didn't answer. Also some people asked what can be considered romantic (this is kinda vague too as definition just uses word love). Other users explained based on their experience. It's not about aromantics, everyone can be in QPR. There are no mentions of aromantics but just aspec c
  5. I was just trying to prove my point and stand myself. You ask me the same questions, I answer with the same answers. I explained couple of times why it wasn't such a bad thing and said how it helps for people to understand things. Because as you said art is hard. Well, yes it's pointless. I again just keep saying the same things. The scale isn't the main thing of the guide and people outside aspec community don't care about amatonormative it is or not because they already live in amatonormative society.
  6. I was talking about your comment. Because your part about not taking criticism came out of nowhere after I tried to explain the same thing three times. Even your questions show that you didn't really read that I've answered you the first time. Again, I explain vague term with something that people know because even resources I used couldn't give a clear image of it and why it's not considered just friendship. Everyone experience is different as it was shown. I used everything I could to bringing information to people. You keep saying about some other ways but I don't see any.
  7. Guys, go to sleep. I already have said that I'm not going to change it and all my explanations go to how art, infographics and bringing information to people work (it can be earned only with experience) or you just ask me questions which I've answered before and "it's wrong because some people don't think so".
  8. About the fifth argument. I've already tried to make you pay attention in the first messages that there are no other types of relationship because it's oversimplifies. Most people know what romantic love is (even kids). Again it's how infographic supposed to be: concise and clear.
  9. Well, you didn't have to acknowledge me about it and make provocative comments. I just thought when people shut up, they don't say anything. 1. I didn't prolong the scale because it takes place on image and explanation wasn't targeted on it. 2. I've already explained option with putting something else and removing completely. 3. If I put something next to the scale, it would have look completely out of place and fail composition (I know what I'm doing). Also again, infographic should give clear information, so I do it. I see it as the best option. 4. If I included more
  10. Guys, this talk is going nowhere. Yeah, I know that amatonormativity is not a good thing but explained why I chose this scale. I'm not going to change it because nobody has answered my arguments. I've talked to other people (including aromantics), they understood my point of view and they're okay with that. Move on.
  11. Well, I answered three times and you all still don't understand what I was trying to tell, I try to have a dialogue but it's useless. There can't be any discussion if you all just keep ignoring my arguments. "It's bad. Fix it" is not criticism, I explained why it's not bad and what purpose it serves.
  12. Yes, it is and you make remarks on MY topic, I explain it. If you have nothing to say, don't write me about it, I don't force you to keep commenting. I explained my point of view THREE times why it's most likely the best option. But you all just ignore my arguments writing the same thing again and again. I don't remember when such thing became criticism. I would write how criticism etiquette works but you all will ignore it anyway.
  13. I'm really tired repeating the same thoughts again and again. It's NOT about aromantic culture and its view on relationship scale. It's an image explaining queerplatonic and platonic relationships to everyone including people OUTSIDE aspec community. They don't wanna know what every aromantic think about relationship scale and make researches to understand the whole aromantic culture and its philosophy. It just explains attraction types in the most simple way, so more people could understand the point, since misunderstanding can be harmful too. The purpose of infographic is to present informa
  14. Lawyers and prosecutors abuse tables while everyone in court is dressed in the most ridiculous clothes.
  15. Okay, let me explain my point of view in another way. I don't put this as the fact, the image itself tells that position of relationships is subjective. But it's not about romantic relationship, it's about queerplatonic and friendship relationships. Notice that there aren't any other kinds of relationships on the scale. In my opinion they can be over romantic partner on the scale but again this wasn't the point I was trying to make. My priority was to make it clear for everybody (like this is what infographic is supposed to do). So if I remove these or put something else, some peo
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